Sunday, 21 February 2016

NYFW 2.0: The End Of Blogging

I lived the fast life for all of 10 days this month. I attended New York Fashion Week once again,  seeing approximately 15 shows including Malan Breton, Just Drew, and Raul Penaranda - former designer for Oscar de la Renta. 

The city was crawling with celebrities and some were present at the shows I went to. I swapped cards with successful and important people in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry. My traffic recently skyrocketed despite my lack of posting. I roamed the streets of Manhattan questioning my luck and wondering what my purpose in life is. I mean I'm landing all of these major opportunities and yet I don't know what to do with them. I'm barely a 20 something and yet I've tasted a little bit of success enough times to just want more. I'm grateful for all of this and I know without the power of the Internet, I wouldn't have it. 

My Mum and I just spent an hour discussing the economics behind devaluation, why blogging shook the world and how it barely makes a sound now. There are too many fish in the sea, too many cooks in the kitchen and too many heirs who want to be King. 

So where does blogging go now? 

I think it's ending. It's phasing out like the end of a song, the last note in a lyric - gently, quietly and unnoticeably. Top bloggers like Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni are finding other outlets for creativity like music and design. 

"I didn’t want to attend all the fashion parties and events anymore… I just wanted to stay in the studio and keep songwriting, keep recording until it was that exact thing I was hearing in my head... "

I spent my time in Canada researching over 2000 blogs and websites. Every night I sat down with a pen and paper and read several blog posts. I would mark them down with a pencil in my notebook to keep track of numbers. Call it a social experiment but that is when I realised that the end of traditional blogging is on its way and something new will take its place... when readers decide to demand more from social media content creators.

I look at writers, directors, producers, musicians and others in the creative field and I say yes - they take a vision and they materialise it. I study my idols Michael Jackson, Jackie Collins, Shonda Rhimes, Tony Robbins and I say to myself they want more from me than a blog. They want me to create products and services that will break the system. They want me to use every ounce of creativity and talent in my power to set standards of excellence. 

Then I look at blogging and focus on the real definition as an insider looking out to see what the rest of the world has to offer and I realise there is so much more out there to do than to inspire kids into wanting to be a blogger. There are kids out there creating cures for cancers, making documentaries on low budgets, creating movies, writing songs that will ultimately create groundbreaking impact. They are filtering their words, what they want to say through a creative process. 

So I don't want to be just a blogger. No one should. We should aspire to do more and be more. I don't want to merely spill my thoughts out on html without lights, camera, action. I want to trust in the system of creative processes like designers do with their clothes, writers do with their novels, musicians do with their songs. 

Some of you might read this and say 'Congratulations you played yourself' but I didn't. I'm researching things like emotional intelligence, evolution psychology, ethical fashion and I'm building knowledge. And here's the thing about knowledge - it never goes out of style. 


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