Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mood | Desperado

"Why have you come here today? What do you want from me?" He said with a coy smile. A glint in his left eye that spoke more than his words.

"You know what I want." She answered firmly.

"Ah but why are you afraid to say it? Say it and it shall be yours." He replied crossing one arm over the other and slouching back in his seat.

"I want to change the world. I want to rip power out of the hands of people that are so reckless with it. I'm here to borrow money and influence from you. Only you can be the distributor of something so destructive to the human race. Something so two sided that it can save a life but also kill one. Give me what I came for." She said sotto voce. 

He laughed slowly. Amused by the girl with the fiery persistence. 

"A thousand like you have come to me to ask for the same. They come and they say they want to change things but they are sucked into the power of great opulence and eventually succumb to me. Embracing their qualities of greed, ego and pride. How are you any different?" he said pointing at her.

She lowered her voice even more. The hardened notes in her tone did not match her exterior.
"I am not different. I want money and power and revenge but I value peace too."

He sat up quickly. Amazed by the challenge in front of him. This wasn't what he expected. He thought she would lie. He observed the young girl: soft and pretty in the face but the real reveal were in her eyes. Dark, cold and almost unreadable. In them lied his own reflection. 

"Then give me your soul. Barter it like you would a piece of bread at the market and I will give you what you want. Everything you ask for is already yours."

Giddy. Fuelled with the energy of a new challenge. The Devil beamed with excitement. How long would it take to make a mosaic out of this girl? How long would it take for her values to devalue? 

He had a plan but so did she. 

Want what we want and we don't care how we get it. 


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