Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Classe | In my #Calvins

So we stare out of car windows, hair blowing, soul searching.

There's a general rule in life that you can control what you want but you can't control how you get it. Except I am a control freak and a worrier. I like to be in charge of things and when plans don't work out  the way I want them to, I have an emotional breakdown. Every single time.  I am fussy and I like things, situations and life in general to be perfect. In my head I am consistently in a fantasy world, It's what keeps me calm when a storm decides to hit. The funny thing is I eventually get what I want but never in the way I imagined I would get it. Yep, my life is one big mind fuck.

BUT every so often I'll find myself in a mood of nonchalance. In fact I'm in one right now.  I assume this persona of simple seduction and nothing in the world could make me care more than I should.

Calvin Klein Girl

Rolling out of bed at 8AM in a sports bra and tiny panties, putting on music and possibly some boyfriend jeans. A notebook in one hand and some peppermint tea in the other. Maybe we'll jut down our thoughts, maybe we'll jut down our dreams. Or recall things that keep us wide awake at night.
A good song comes on on the radio and this time we can feel the lyrics, not just hear them. An instant urge to get up and pretend to be our favourite rockstars in front of the mirror. Morning exercise feeding into us like heroin.
Night time falls and all we want is the thing we crave: music. So we stare out of car windows, hair blowing, soul searching.
Then we're on the dance floor in the nude. A nude turtle neck crop and tight denim skinny jeans. Conversing with strangers with our eyes as they say more than we could ever possibly voice. Conversations might start, conversations usually end. Resulting in entertainment or a sheer waste of a good song.

But who fucking cares? It was fun to begin with.


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