Thursday, 27 February 2014

5 fashion bloggers you should be following

Hey loveys

SO I'm back and it feels great to be back. When I say I'm back I mean I'm going back to the days where I used to write a blog post every single day for you guys. Did anyone else count how many times I said "back" in that sentence? Wowza. 

I actually like recording my life and thoughts and sharing it with you makes it all the more worth it so screw college, assignments and midterm tests, (sorry mum) I will make room for blogging because there's something simply satisfying about it. As you know fashion is a huge part of my life and quite frankly I enjoy helping you figure out your personal style and who you want to be now but may not have the courage to be yet. I'm that girl who's willing to put herself out there without a care in the world in the hopes that everyone will do the same.

Anyhoo I reached 20K views today and I am honestly shocked because I haven't been blogging much these days but this is why I love you guys; you check my blog even when I'm not active which is the sweetest thing! I will be doing a massive giveaway when I reach 40K to show my appreciation so all suggestions are welcome.

Question: Do you guys want me to start lookbooks on my blog like the ones below? Answer here or in the comments people- thanks so much :)

Moving on today I'm recommending other fashion blogs that I really think you should be following. I'm really not one of those competitive bloggers who refuse to even recognise that there are other good fashion bloggers out there apart from themselves. I genuinely love the fashion blogging community and don't see anything wrong in recommending other blogs for you guys to have a look at; it's common courtesy really and I do love these 5 bloggers that I'm about to mention and I hope you will too.

Chat later
-Mizzmoi xo

1. Ashley Madewke

2. Tanya Burr

3. Patricia Bright

4. Flavia

5. Hannah Hawkshaw (she's Irish!)


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

8 things I want to do (do some of it with me!)

1. Start reading more books

I got into reading when I was about 10 years old and I used to be obsessed with it because it was my escape from the world. For some reason I read less and less as the years went by and now I don't even read a book a year. Shows like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries took over my life one summer and I never looked back but right now I want to get back into reading because there's just something so peaceful about it, I truly love the serenity of it.

2. Eat more healthy

My healthy eating all started out a few weeks ago when I found myself broke and had no money to buy anything but potatoes, eggs, peas and lots of water. I've decided I'm going to spend all of my money on clothes so I don't have money for junk food. I also found that I had a lot more energy during the day and wasn't as tired as I used to be. My healthy eating has been slacking (that's when you know I have money in the bank) but hey there's always time to start again no worries. You guys should totally join me on this one; you won't regret it & watch out for my fitness collaboration post coming soon!

3. Go to the gym more

So me and a few college friends who used to live on chicken fillet rolls and still kind of do, started going to the gym a few weeks ago. Now usually the gym is my summer hobby. For the past two summers I spent a lot of my time in the gym just purely for something to do but now I want to take it more seriously. Abs like Candice Swanepoel aren't going to make itself.

4. Drink 3L of water a day

So today I drank 2.5L of water- wtf right? I feel like a pregnant lady and find myself having to pee every 10 seconds. My skin looks really bad right now so I'm trying to drink more water to help with getting rid of the rash I currently have. I have this crazy friend who has the stomach the size of an egg and still manages to fit 2 litres of water in there a day; if she can do it anyone can.

5. Blog more

I know I've been slacking on the blogging scene recently but hey I'm in university and enjoying life away from social media...not. Midterm exams are taking over my life resulting in the lack of blogs and looking like shit everyday of the week. Anyhoo feel free to like my fan page here.

6. Lookbooks & official YouTube Channel

I really want to make lookbooks a main part of my blog but the lack of time to film and edit is my dilemma guise. My skin also looks disgusting so selfies are off limits until the rash (on one side of my face might I add) clears up ok. Anyway I'm planning on filming a couple of outfits next weekend as I'll be on my midterm. I also want to start my official youtube channel during that midterm. Shannon (whom I'm sure many of you know) will be turning me into Rihanna. (Yeah she totally needs to get over that obsession). Jokes hehe, I love that gal & certainly love bad ass Riri.

7. Travel more

I want to travel more because sometimes I forget that the world is much larger than Ireland. There are beautiful places I haven't seen and beautiful people I haven't met and if there's one thing I want to do before life gets serious, complicated & shitty is travel the world.

8. Be more grateful

I think this is probably one of the most important things I want to do. I'm simply not grateful enough for all of the things I have. For example this amazing blog that you amazing people read. I seriously can't explain the feeling of when people come up to me to tell me they love reading my blog. I appreciate all of you and I'm flattered when you say those things to me and hey, I do it for the love.

Your girl
-Mizzmoi xoxo

Thursday, 13 February 2014

5 Types of annoying Girls in a Nightclub

Hey lovelies,

I think this blog post is long overdue. Seeing as I'm a girl who enjoys going out quite a lot, observing the things that irritate me on a night out shouldn't come as a surprise!

I don't write these types of blog posts for the sake of being harsh. I write them because my blog is about sharing my opinions with you guys on all sorts of stuff and sugar coating isn't really my thing if I'm honest.

Now of course girls still 'run the world'... however when it comes to nights out in town, they aren't running nada.

Well I hope you guys enjoy this post and remember this only applies to a small percentage of girls. If you find you fit into any of these categories, try not to be offended...or be offended- it doesn't really matter. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and all that good stuff. Any questions you have can be answered here.

You know I bloody love you


1. The Girl with no sense of style (or class)

Yes I'm directing this towards you honeys who think you're the bombshell of the night. Here's the reality: your butt cheeks are hanging out because you thought it'd be 'nice' to wear what would be considered as a top to most, as a dress. Shit, that did sound like a slap in the face but hey, the truth hurts more often than not.

2. The 'fake' best friend girl

Do you know what I hate? Those girls who pretend you're the best of friends when they're absolutely wasted. That isn't even the worst part; believe me. The worst part is when they shower you with compliments and you have to try and think of one for them because well, looking 'gorgeous' while you're wasted is kind of a difficult task.

3. The Girl with the trust issues

I'm talking about the girls who feel the need to link hands with all of their 'best friends' on the dance floor like they all grew up in the same womb. It doesn't stop there; they also like to drag their friends through the dance floor while aggressively shoving past people just because they decided the spot they were jumping in (not dancing, you can't call what they do dancing) wasn't getting them enough attention. Now I'm not talking about a pair of girls because that would be reasonably okay. I'm talking about 5-6 girls.

4. The "my face is on my makeup" Girl

Oh c'mon we all see at least 10 of these girls every night we go out. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not great at makeup so I stick to the basics- foundation, mascara & lipstick. However some girls either happen to think they're amazing at applying their own makeup or just believe their real faces are much uglier than their made up one. It may be dark in the club but it isn't that dark either.

Tip: Just decline politely when the photographer asks to take your picture, with flash.

5. The aggressive Girl

The word "classy" and "respect" do not belong in this girl's dictionary (that's presuming that she owns one). I'm not trying to be condescending when I say this but this girl needs to get a grip. She talks to bouncers and bartenders however she likes and in her mind, she is Queen B.
Alcohol & a playlist of Beyoncé's songs give some girls too much false confidence. But hey nothing like a disgusting headache in the morning to knock them back into reality.

Friday, 7 February 2014

How To: Live out your dreams (ft Shannon Leathem)

Hey dolly dolls,

So I've had a pretty crappy week all together, it's like the bad weather keeps sucking up all my positive energy. Please tell me yah feel the same way. Although I have tons of college work to catch up on I'm seriously not bothered to start it right now so I decided I'd write you guys an inspiring blog post, yay!

Most of you must know Shannon considering I feature her on my blog quite a bit. I've always wanted to do a post that would inspire people but I've figured I haven't done enough inspiring things to write about myself ha!

"Call it cringy, call it whatever but be inspired for your sake, not mine."

Here's the story:

I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook a couple of nights ago and happened to come across some really artistic makeup Shannon had just uploaded. Like the creepy blogger I am, I saved the pictures on my phone because I knew I was going to use it for something.

The sudden epiphany:

I learned an old lesson yet again. If you want something bad enough you have to go and get it for your own sake. You can't just put in 60% effort and expect 100% success; you have to be willing to put all your time and effort into doing the thing you love, that's how success comes around. I appreciate the fact that Shannon wants to be an MUA and she's a pretty damn good one at that.

Be inspired:

Now I didn't write this blog post just to commend Shannon. I wrote this because I want you to be inspired to work hard in order to get what you want. No it doesn't have to be something in academics as we're all brain washed to believe but it has to be done right. So today I'm asking you to take inspiration from this post and reach for the fucking stars or else one day, you're going to find that while you were asleep, everyone else was trying to achieve their own goals and then poof, all the stars are gone and you're left with nothing.

Just let that sink in.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post & remember that I love yah.

-Mizzmoi xo

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine.