Friday, 5 February 2016

War Zone

"I don't want to be heard, I want to be listened to." - Twenty One Pilots

Do you ever feel like you're constantly misunderstood? Like you know who you are on the inside but the world judges you solely on what you represent on the outside? How you talk, dress, your level of higher eduction, the money you have and all of these superficial things that doesn't necessarily build character? So you play the game because you don't want to be heard you want to be listened to.  
The world is happy to judge harshly your flaws and discredit your strengths. They want to prosecute with a heavy hand and reward with empty peanut shells. Keeping us in four by four boxes  and making an outlaw of those who dare to be themselves in a world full of adversity and struggle.    

I just finished reading a book that is known to be one of the best classics of all time: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. Written in the third person I felt like Austen was telling the story of my life because I resonated so well with Elizabeth. She had this fire about her that chose to burn down distractions around her. Distractions being people who represented everything she thought to be wrong in the world. Inauthentic Mr. Collins who believed money was the route of all power, arrogant Mr. Darcy who thought Elizabeth was ugly,  Mrs Bingley's judgement of Elizabeth's dirty clothes and flushed face. 

But of course Mr. Darcy falls madly in love with the ugly girl, proposes marriage and suddenly a girl that an old fool and a lonely heiress proclaimed as unworthy suddenly became the girl who everybody wanted to know. 

From the moment my eyes scanned the first page of Pride & Prejudice, I knew I was Elizabeth. Opinionated, intelligent and sassy. She said what she wanted and dressed how she liked despite the prejudice around her. She didn't care. She hated those who prided themselves on the basic judgement of other human beings. 
She was beautiful but it took 300 pages for her world to accept that truth. 

There's something sour and cut throat about me mainly because I don't like to lie. If you ask me if the dress looks nice, I will give my most honest opinion, mainly out of respect.  I care more about books and ethics than how we look and the image we present. I'm a party girl at heart but success is my drug. And all of this - all of these little things about me that build my character are often misunderstood by the people who judge without thought, who react without research, who sink to the Devil's ears and convince themselves that remaining in the box is exactly what they must do. 

In a world full of wannabes, be an Elizabeth. 


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