Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lookbook | Late night blooms

Hey lovelies,
How are we all doing this evening? Oh God, I know It's been ages and I am super sorry but I took a little break from social media (It's draining) for a few days and decided to chill, catch up with some of my new favourite tv shows- Grey's Anatomy- and basically eat lots of food. Although I am indeed back to tumblring, tweeting and a new project that I can't tell you about for another few weeks. Anyhoo let's get back to the main topics of discussion: tonight we're going to be chatting about plaid and button downs as trends, outfit details for this look and simplicity.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lookbook | More than Black

Hey guys,
How are we today? I hope you're all enjoying the unusually beautiful Irish weather that seems to be lasting more than 5 minutes. I would say I wish I was doing something more fun right now like diving into salty oceans but freezing cold water isn't really my thing. Anyway today we're talking about the trends that seem to be taking over the freaking world (leather and lace), outfit details and a little bit about embracing failure.