Thursday, 20 March 2014

Things That Inspire Me

Hey guys,

SO I went to Beyoncé's concert last night and my god, it was quite literally the best night of my life. Some say nothing compares to the high you get from alcohol or drugs but I kid you not, absolutely nothing can beat a Beyoncé concert. Not only is she as flawless as she appears on tv,  her personality is as sweet as irresistable chocolate covered strawberries you can't have due to bikini season.

Anyway this is a personal post about the things that inspire me. I wanted to share this with you guys because I'd like to think you might want to know the things that inspire me to write this blog and to live the best life possible.

I am still super tired from Bey's concert- being in a trance for a whole concert can seriously drain a girl.

Chat later
-Mizzmoi X

1. Fashion

Some of you might think- what a mundane thing to be inspired by. My god, I know people who have no interest in clothes whatsoever. However the fact is that fashion can allow you to be whoever you want to be. You can give off any type of message you want by the clothes you wear and that's why I love it. Blair Waldorf today, Beyoncé tomorrow; it's that easy. Some of you guys may not believe me when I say this but first impressions are everything and the way you dress can be your golden ticket to whatever you want.

Y'know I heard once that we all judge people in the first 7 seconds of meeting each other and for the most part, our opinion is set. Crazy? Yes. Worth thinking about? Absolutely. Perception is everything.

2. Photography

This is one of the main reasons why I own a blog on tumblr. I remember the days where I would sit for hours upon hours reblogging my dream life, one picture at a time- knowing one day it would be my life. Moreover the things I see on tumblr can sometimes inspire me be a better version of myself. For example: pictures of healthy food makes me want to feed my body with good nutrients. Get a tumblr and I promise you won't regret it.

3. YOU

Yes you, the person reading this blog right now. You inspire me to write content that is worth reading by others and not just kept as my personal fashion diary. I love the fact that you pay attention to my blogposts, give me suggestions on what to write about next and ask me for advice. I love that I can talk to you guys like I would, a friend. I believe I've expressed my share of harsh opinions on some topics on my blog and it's good to see that some of you agree with me. I appreciate that I've never ever gotten 'hate' for writing this blog so here's to you guys who genuinely support what I do. I am inspired by and completely in awe of you.

4. Beyoncé

I guess I'm still starstruck from being in the same room with the start last night. I relive the concert again and again in my head. If Beyoncé doesn't inspire you, no one will. She has worked so hard for everything she has gained in this world. "I want to leave my footprints behind. I want you to know that I was here." That's what she said yesterday. I could only dream to accomplish half of the things she has in just 3 decades. Bey is a living, breathing testament that absolutely anything and everything is possible.


Monday, 10 March 2014

Your 2014 Spring Trends

Hey loveys,

Do you know what I just realised? Well not just realised but what I've been dying to put down on paper as an observation. Starting a piece of writing is actually the hardest thing in the world. Quite literally it is. I've just sat here for 4 minutes thinking about how I'm going to start this blogpost about Spring Trends (requested by you btw, thank you) whilst listening to "r u mine" by Arctic Monkeys- don't ask why. For those of you who know me, I'm certainly not a hipster- although I do like to dabble in it- y'know, just to see how the other half live. I'm a ghetto hip hop girl at heart, don't let my classy exterior fool you x.

Anyway on to the main purpose of this blog, Spring Trends for this year. Oh can you hear the birds chirping?


Your girl
-Mizzmoi xo

1. Crop Tops

Gym time ladies- crop tops are here to stay.

2. Sandal heels

This trend shouldn't really surprise you; It's what I call typical.

3. Lace Shorts

Again, typical & easily predictable.

4. White & Sheer Materials

This, I like- very excited about this sheer material trend and of course, white goes so well with my skin tone.

5. Prints

Tribal prints- I'm predicting an all year round trend. Want to know how to mix prints? Ask an elderly African lady.

6. Floral



Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To: Wear Print (Your Questions Answered)

Hey guys!

So I got a very interesting question on my yesterday (not your typical bullshit believe me) and I really wanted to make it into a blogpost because I thought all of you guys might appreciate my tips on mixing prints. Consequently I am now developing a new series on this blog called "Your questions answered" so if you guys want to send me any questions relating fashion, beauty and lifestyle- I'd be more than happy to help you here or if you'd like to personally message me that's fine too (a few of you already do this and I'm absolutely flattered!)

The reason why I like is because you can ask me things anonymously; I know some of you guys like to do that if you don't know me personally but seriously I don't bite and will answer any questions you ask 'off anon' as well.

Do you guys want me to continue this series on my blog? Comment below and let me know that I'm doing something right- your feedback is always appreciated.

À bientôt
-Mizzmoi X

P.S I'm really considering relocating to France one day,  their language and their people are just- how do you say it? Ils sont incroyable.

Hey, well I'm a disaster when it comes to mixing and matching! I can mix alright yet I always end up looking quite ridiculous, I was wondering if you have any key facts about how to mix and match? Thank you(patriot reader of your blog!)
Hey! Well can I just say I'm glad you asked me, I actually feel so honoured as stupid as that sounds! First of all, what makes you think you look ridiculous? That's the real question here. Just because everyone else dresses mundane doesn't mean you should too. There are no rules to mixing print but if you want some guidelines:
1. Start off with wearing print with something plain to make yourself comfortable with wearing prints. For example a pencil skirt with vertical lines and a plain crop top.
A navy & white polka dot fitted top with a navy leather skirt.
2. Try florals with stripes- I've seen that before and it looks fab.
3. Plaid with stripes will also always look swell. Try tailored plaid pants and a horizontal striped crop top that shows off your shoulders and collar bone. Heck, throw on some classy sandal heels to give the outfit an edge of sophistication.
I actually loved answering this question and might make it into a blog post tonight- thank you so much for asking, if you need anymore help don't hesitate to ask on or off this :)
-Your dedicated blogger x

Disclaimer: None of these photos belong to me.

Friday, 7 March 2014

5 ways to look like a Model

Hey loveys

I saw this interesting post on my newsfeed today titled "50 ways to look like a model". Obviously surprised by the large number, I clicked into the blogpost. It turned out it was just pictures of models which was kind of disappointing so I won't even link you to the post. However I decided that if some blogs weren't going to do the writing, I would. So today I'm going to teach you guys how to look like models. A lot of you are probably staring at your laptop screens, casually judging the shit out of me right now but honey, read the post first. Take the advice and then watch the compliments flood in.

You know I love you
-Mizzmoi xo

1. Eat Clean

This is like the most important thing you can do if you want your skin to maintain a perfect glow. Think fruits for breakfast, eggs for lunch and boiled potatoes with veggies for dinner. Kitchen closes at 7pm and drinking 2 litres a day is crucial if you desire to have clear skin. When you feed yourself correctly you and your body will feel amazing, trust me on this one. Healthy eating is more fun than you think!

2. Minimal Makeup

Girls, some of you wear too much makeup! You need to accept the fact that you're probably not as hideous as you think; it's all in your head. Okay so sometimes I need to take my own advice but seriously no eyebrow pencil, and certainly NO black eyeliner, I cannot emphasise this enough, unless you're doing a winged liner look, don't do it especially if you're pale. Less is more, simplicity is sophistication.

3. Find a hairstyle that suits you

This is where most of us go wrong. Usually the hair colour you were born with will suit you the most. However sometimes other colours could suit you just as well but finding that colour proves difficult for some of you girlos. Going to a salon for a few suggestions for a new, clean, fresh look wouldn't be a bad idea.

4. Walk the trend

Find your individual style! Be creative, remember fashion is supposed to be fun- not boring and cliché. Don't copy a celebrity's style; instead draw inspiration from them and create your own- it's much more interesting and enjoyable that way.

5. Stay Classy

Walk like Ryan Gosling is watching your every step. Confidence is key to wanting to look your best. If there's one thing you have to remember it's that you are beautiful regardless of whatever anyone else tells you. God most certainly does not create ugly people, society does. God creates perfection and it's up to you to exploit that to the best of your ability. Don't throw your beauty away, there's too much of that going on in the world.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Oscars 2014: A Goddess in Prada

Hey loveys,

So my sister kindly did the Oscars update on my fan page Kardashian Kouture and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Now I was going to do a typical 'best dressed' for the Oscars 2014 but I felt that that was too common and overdone; you've probably seen it a million times on different blogs by now as a matter of fact so I'm deciding not to be a copy cat. Besides no other dress stunned me as much as Lupita Nyongo's so this whole blogpost is about her. Everything about this girl screams perfection. Who would have ever thought a burnt chocolate skinned girl sans the blonde hair and typical Hollywood glamour look would be all the rage? Wow, the world really is changing and I think it's for the better.

Guys grab a cup of coffee and a blanket, get comfortable because this is the blogpost you're going to want to soak in!

-Mizzmoi xo

"Her skin tone, her hair, the dress, her smile, her personality."


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Beyond the Surface: Beauty by Yetti

Hello to my girlos

How are we all on this dull pathetic day? I know you can totally sense my enthusiasm from a mile.

SO I was supposed to spend all of today studying for the last of my college midterms but do you know what I did instead? I laid in bed watching Gossip Girl, The Originals & Grey's Anatomy, only getting up for toilet breaks and food. All in all it was a pretty fab lazy day and I regret nothing.

If there's one thing I detest, it's girls who make themselves look ugly because they don't know how to apply their makeup and are oblivious to the fact that makeup is for the enhancement of one's beauty, not to make a clown out of yourself, pun intended. Yes I'm talking to the girls with too much eyeliner on, awful nike eyebrows and caked foundation. Surely we all know one of them and the worst part is when they think they look like Candice Swanepoel or the likes. Honey, just no.

Thus I have a wonderful new blogpost for you girlos (I like that word, sounds spicy!). It's another BTS seeing as I know how much you love them. Gladly enough I found someone perfectly suitable to interview.  I think you will love her as much as I do or possibly even more after you watch her introductory YouTube video here; one word HILARE.

Anyway I genuinely think Yetti is the next big thing on the makeup scene in Ireland if people give her a chance. So I'm leaving her in your hands guys, is she worth the 'like'? I bloody well think so!

Beauty by Yetti is going to give us all a few tips today on how she manages to look flawless in every picture. Of course being naturally pretty always helps. Damn you Yetti- we're all jel!

Chat later
-Mizzmoi xo

"Red lipstick to Women is like Sports cars to 


1. Favourite Beauty YouTubers:

Patricia Bright

2. The Lipstick you can't live without: 

Mac's Taupe 

3. Makeup Product essentials: 

Sleek Contour Kit, 
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
Studio Fix Foundation
Mac Fix+ 
Mac mineralise Skin finish Powder

4. Why become an MUA:

A close friend of mine, the founder of Adella Makeup artistry inspired me! I've always loved her 

makeup looks. I love what she does so I guess I bought the essentials and started practicing like crazzzzy.

Also, a very dear friend of mine Fashion blogger Debbie Adesina encouraged me so much, she 

pushed and pushed me!

If it wasn't for my supportive mum and beautiful friend Debbie I probably wouldn't have taken the leap.  

5. What makes you different to all of the other 


Em em em lol I guess I'm a nice person lol I would like to think I am versatile! 

I can change my neutral hand to my drag hand in minutes.  

6. How long does it take to do your makeup:

An hour on a good day  

7. Your opinion on Red lips- overrated?

In my opinion I think every girl should have a red lipstick in her collection. 

As Marilyn Monroe said "Red lipstick to women is like sports cars to men". Once I put on my red lippy I get 

this little confidence boost, I feel sexy!

I think every woman deserves to feel that boost! Don't be scared just do it and if you don't like it wipe it off.

8. 3 MUAs you would recommend: 

Adella Makup artistry
Meerahs Closet
Eva Pierce