Monday, 29 February 2016

Pretty Young Fools

(Img source: Prettified Allure)

"Hi Mrs. Duval."

First mistake. 

"Such a pleasure to meet you. I'm Dayna. Dayna Worhol." She said as she held out a sweaty palm.

Second mistake. 

She sat at her vanity mirror and looked closely at her imperfections. Elaine Duval wasn't pretty. Her hair was thin, her lanky arms and legs looked frail. Her skin was freckled and her nose bumpy. A Jane Doe at best in a suit. At least the suit was Hugo Boss. She sat there staring at the salad she didn't want to eat, dreaming of the French Toast she craved. 
Elaine Duval: most respected female lawyer in Chicago, bending the law to beat the law. For her, it was all about the cheapest wins and the quickest kills. With a mix of multinational companies begging to hide their dirty secrets, there was always money to be made.
The latest Birkin was waiting for her and 20 billable hours with John Sawyer's new pharmaceutical case would pay for that. She just needed to poach him first but that was proving more difficult than she had anticipated.
Although, she had heard John Sawyer had a thing for female lawyers. So she was treating him to brunch at the Ritz Carlton in the tightest cream Prada dress she owned. Who didn't have a trick or two up their sleeve these days? She painted on a nude lip with a gold shimmer, a considerable amount of foundation to hide her freckles and a champagne tinted illuminator. Slipping on some nude Jimmy Choo's she smiled at herself in the mirror. She would do half the work and take twice the pay. She made a second mental note of the MET Gala plus one entry she had been promised by a former client. She already had Chicago, maybe it was time to steal Hollywood too. 

Elaine walked into the Ritz Carlton and called for a Mr Sawyer. Just as she moved towards the plump cream chairs she remembered she was meeting her new assistant before her luncheon. An eye roll followed by a polite smile, Elaine watched as the young girl made her way over. 

Plump, short and quite frankly unappealing in a knock off pair of Louboutins and a frumpy suit jacket much too small for her. How on earth could she send her out to poach clients?

Twenty seven year old Dayna Worhol stepped into the Ritz Carlton lounge to meet her new boss. How exciting was this? Working hard at every run down boutique law firm had finally paid off. 
She was about to begin her dream job as assistant to THE Elaine Duval! The hottest female lawyer in town! Dayna thought Elaine was beautiful, exotic, stylish, charming and a money making machine. Everything she wanted to be. Checking her appearance in a side mirror, Dayna smiled, gave herself a little nod of appreciation and decided she deserved this.

The smartest people are sometimes the dumbest.

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