Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Art of Seduction

Everybody has a weakness.

I sit at a table opposite you, one head cocked to the side and a smile on my face. It makes you want to smile too. Taking in a breath, wasps of musky decadence descend your way. It's the new blanc by Givenchy perfume. I communicate mostly with my eyes, never letting go of eye contact, using your name as often as possible, a permanent smile, engaging body language. I want to hear what you have to say because your thoughts matter. I speak in a soft voice and talk only of things you take interest in. 

On social media, you'll find clear blue oceans to match tinted green eyes. The contrast of palm trees to flesh. The beaming sunlight and the warm colours of a salad.  Places, things and appearances that people want and people who are there to give it to them. 

We are born with an impulsive behaviour that works in tangent with attraction; The desire to fulfil our inner passions of indulgence. As soon as we see something we want, we need to have it - damning all consequences. 

Seduction is the most powerful weapon in the world.   It sounds dirty doesn't it? Like a word you shouldn't use in the day time. Except as humans we use seduction every single day of our lives. We are predators who see what we want, find out who can give it to us and then find a way to get it. 

Seduction is never effortless, it is perfectly contrived. Seduction is creating the illusion of chance - possibility that anything you want, you can have. As seducers we alter everything from appearance, scent, tone of voice, body language, what we say and especially how we say it - ultimately manipulating the 5 senses -  to stimulate attraction. It is how we sell movies, books, music, clothes and art. It is how we mutate attraction amongst men and women. However we can never be just seducers. We are also the seduced. We fall under a spell again and again because behind every human being lies a weakness. We want what is not real and in this world, there will always be someone to give it to us. 

With seduction, whatever you want is already yours. So why don't you come get it? 


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