Monday, 27 July 2015

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Realise you can be happy this moment for no reason. Otherwise, you eternally depend on conditions for happiness. Unconscious of this moment, you remain a victim of circumstances.

"...How to capture it? I guess by doing what I love, eating well, talking to my siblings, laughing with my mother, chatting with my friends and actually making a conscious effort to meet up; being more sociable on social media. Going to any place with a smile on my face and appreciating the beauty in life instead of the darkness. 

I never want to feel this feeling of desperation ever again. I don't want to feel like I want something so bad that I'd sacrifice too much for it. I want a balance. Not to feel desperate, not to feel embarrassed when defeat rears its ugly head but to smile and know that trying again is always an option. It's not about how hard the journey is or how you just want to quit all together, it's about knowing that you can take a break, knowing that people are more important than careers, that materialistic goods without meaning are worth nothing but a short, cheap high. It's about building this sense of clarity; of knowing what you want in life and attempting to get it every chance you get. It's about taking chances and not watching them slip by. Nobody said it was easy, they just said it would be worth it."

That was a piece from my recent private diary entry. Unedited. It's so hard to show you what I'm feeling without feeling naked: like someone knows some of my big secrets or something but I feel it's important to share some things with you so that you don't ever get the idea that life should be the perfect fairytale portrayed on social media. 

Instagram and Tumblr. Two of the biggest image based social media networks in the world but only one of them makes me feel frustration. Instagram is the definition of boasting. We share only moments we are proud of, satisfied that our friends, acquaintances (mostly) and strangers now know how great our lives are. Or at least that is how it seems to me. 

On Tumblr, you build a life you want, sharing your feelings through thoughtful quotes, homes you want to live in, clothes you want to wear, all without judgement; just  a community of people who like or want the same things as you. 

And that's the thing. I don't want to lead you to believe that I live a perfect life worthy of your envy. I want you to know that we all have struggles and It is foolish to make it seem like we don't. 

I choose to show you not only my dreams and aspirations but also that life isn't perfect, even though images can be. 

Building a dream life isn't about finding a permanent solution to the pursuit of happiness. If you want your dreams to become reality, embracing the most pleasurable times and the most difficult times is essential because you can't have one without the other. Once you realise accept that there are two sides to a coin, life becomes so much more easier and enjoyable.


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