Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lookbook | Luxury: a state of mind

Photo credit: Kamile Kvaukaite

Louis Vuitton. Desensitised. Capitalised. The money making machine that is handbags, shoes and jewels. But what is the history behind the detailed monogram? It seems nobody knows and nobody cares to find out. Except for me and you. Our intuitive hearts do not stop beating at the thoughts of a 3,000 euro piece of durable leather. We want familiarity, history and a sense of belonging.  I, for one want storytelling and I'm not afraid to admit it. 

When I wake up in the morning and spray my chocolate scented eau de toilette around the room, I remind myself of my own ambition. The brand of Diamants au chocolat that I am building one step at a time. The blood, sweat and tears that goes into this and why it will be worth it wafts out of the perfume bottle. My core values of motivation and drive lie in that cylindrical piece of glass.

Why do I admire Louis Vuitton and why would I ever want to own a piece from his brand? ADVENTURE. Louis Vuitton (it feels weird talking about him as a person and not just a brand) grew up in the East of France where his Mother died by the age of 10 and his Father remarried. Not liking his circumstances with his stepmother, at the age of 13 Vuitton decided to leave home and walk to Paris. Yes, you read that correctly. Walk to Paris. It took him only 2 years, earning his keep as he did so. After learning the art of box making, Louis Vuitton 'the brand' came to life in 1854. His boxes, made for travel purposes only, were designed to hold treasured goods such as clothing, champagne and delicate jewellery.

The false sense of prestige that comes with expensive goods is baffling to me. The idea that people only buy them to present an image of wealth to their neighbours, friends and colleagues? Beyond me. You either understand the true meaning behind luxury or you don't. Luxury is that small piece of grandmother's cake you allow yourself before going to bed, the candle lit bubble bath you take as a time out from the world, the trip you took to Rome to discover the history behind such an enigmatic city or that little Keepall Vuitton bag you bought for yourself to take on all of your travels, remembering the adventures of the great Louis Vuitton himself, what he stood for and how he turned nothing into everything. 

BOLD. That is what I see as Louis Vuitton's core value. I think there is something very important about doing things boldly. No matter what it is, always do it with a tad of exaggeration. It adds importance and more eloquently, it adds value. When competitors created rounded top trunks, Vuitton created squared ones. When they used leather, Vuitton used canvas. And eventually came the idea of a monogram that separated Louis Vuitton the brand from all of the rest. So I dedicate this bold outfit to you Vuitton. An outfit that many of you may dislike instantly but only because you don't see this blend often. The combination of yellow and red is daring, laughable but most of all bold. And I've chosen to do things the bold way in my life. Bold always has an impact. 

Outfit details: 

Blouse // High waisted pants - Dunnes Stores.
Lipstick- Yves Saint Laurent.
Earrings- New Look. 


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