Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Travel | The Little Corners of France & Monaco

When you go on holidays with your best friend, a certain bond is formed. A bond that ameliorates from friendship to sisterhood (or brotherhood). You chat, you laugh, you quarrel, ignore each other and then laugh again; all in quite a random order. Exploring the little corners of Nice with Kamile was no different. We were able to locate the best gelato places where we combined (Kamile, mostly) the most ridiculous flavours. I stayed in the safe ranges of mango, coconut and passion fruit. We visited fruit markets, one in particular called aux des jardins where we bought nectarines and cherries on a regular basis. Except for the one time we decided to buy a huge watermelon that we couldn't possibly finish, stabbed at it hungrily at the beginning only to dump the heavy remnants in the bin of our hotel room. 
The late nights were busy and intense as we shot a lot of my lookbooks during this time. Of course drawing attention from countless tourists and peculiar French men. We went to sleep often tired and cranky but satisfied from the content we had produced as the days went by. 
Getting lost in France was almost a daily occurrence yet it ended up being some of the most enjoyable parts of the trip. 
When we weren't filming (or on our phones) we danced around our room, reminiscing to old music  that we used to be so fond of. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jay Sean. The era of 2007-2010. We gossiped about girls on Instagram and joked over Kamile's new obsession with the cacti in the exotic gardens of Monaco. Having gelato and chips at le neptune across from the beach in Monaco after filming in the water was minimalistic but blissful.  We shopped around Nice Étoile until we were officially out of cash and found a great little Chinese buffet that was too delicious to pass on. We were both living our dream life by being in some of the most beautiful places in the most rewarding weather. Feeling like such a part of the French lifestyle from almost always being mistaken as French was endearing to say the very least. 

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  1. You're lucky you got to travel with a friend.. All my travels are with my family and when u travel with family your fun is limited.. Most especially when your mum is there and all she wants to do is shop