Friday, 3 July 2015

Kolor is the new Black

Photo credit: Kamile Kvaukaite

When you wear black & white it makes you feel like you have your life in order. Businessmen & women wear it to the office, children wear it to private schools, staff members wear it to work. It's practical, proper and effortless. On its own, black is mysterious and white is gentle. They are the embodiment of soft elegance. An automatic pass to looking chic. 

Waking up in the morning to place on those black pants or that white sheer tee is the glue holding your life together. However, that's the thing with glue; eventually it will dry up and begin to depart from what it is intended to hold in place. Like dust, it will fade into nothingness.

I can describe black & white in the most beautiful way or I can tell the truth and call it lazy. Temporary. Dishonest. Two colours that can fool anybody into believing that one knows fashion when really what one truly knows is the art of minimalism. 

We live in a world of colour. Evergreen trees, dangerously turquoise waterfalls, multicoloured sunsets, and blue skies- if we're lucky. Wanting to live in a country with such beautiful aesthetics is a commonality but if the influence of these bright, fun and cheery parts of nature are as powerful as we say they are, then why do people run away from wearing colour like it is the most life threatening disease in the world? 

I've spent a lot of my teenage years experimenting with colour in depth. Observing designers manifest it into countless works of art, much like painters. Do you remember the Alexander McQueen show of the 90s where the audience witnessed a pretty girl-next-door walk down the runway in a white dress only to be splashed with coloured paint from all directions in the midst of the show. The moment when fashion collided with performance art; an industry changing success. 

Kolor is the new Black. Another one of the greats, Karl Lagerfeld, has just launched a collection based plainly on colour. A man who wears nothing but black and white. Even he thinks it's time for a change. I've always believed that Mr. Lagerfeld possesses psychic abilities. His way of predicting what is next in a world that moves as fast as wild cheetahs in their natural habitat is baffling. 

Jeans and a white tee. A go-to, and a good one at that. The phenomenon that anybody can look exquisite in something so simple is refreshing. It's freeing and also the backbone of the feminist movement. Mind you, a woman isn't any less powerful in the most frilly dress and slinky heels. We must not forget how great fashion was when today's concept of 'simple' did not exist. 
Scarves, hats, expensive coats and quality bags. Over the knee dresses with little slips inside, high necks and low v lines, when appropriate. Cinched in waists and perfect pleats. The ultimate sophistication. It fascinates me. I find myself truly lucky to be able to transform like a chameleon in this generation. One day I am the girl in grazed black jeans, a biker jacket and dangerous looking boots, with loose hair and little makeup. The next? With a slight twist of modernity, I am the throwback of the 1960s. 

Outfit details:

Plaid jacket// dusty pink dress// beige heels- Dunnes Stores.
Lipstick- Bourjois.
Earrings- New Look.



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