Friday, 22 January 2016

Dreams x Reality

I've never believed in the concept of forever. Love, money, and even life has an expiry date. For one reason or the other things end and when they do we store these experiences as memories. Sorting them into boxes labelled "highs" and "lows". We cling to the highs, cherishing them and making sure they never leave our hearts. Stored in an imaginary box - beautifully designed. 

My box is black with intricate gold detailing. Inside displays the wooden frame and scribbled on the frame are words like "passion" "enchantment" "creativity" "love" "laughter" "selflessness".  Inscribed elegantly in cursive writing are the best memories of my life on rectangular pieces of parchment paper.  This box is my sacred home. The place I go to wonder, to find inner peace, joy and feelings of pure ecstasy. The place that makes me truly believe that we can control our minds to feel anything we want it to feel. 

The blurred lines between dreams and reality. 

When I wake up in the morning, I lay still in my warm toasty bed for another few minutes and draw from my box of highs and in that moment I relive treasured memories. Then comes a surge of energy that makes me want to jump start the day with enthusiasm and grit. 5 minutes passes by and then 8 minutes and more until time is irrelevant and suddenly I am in this dream world that I have constructed for myself. Wandering around the cobbly streets of France, swimming in the oceans of Bali, writing a best seller book, creating a kick ass movie and more. Everything feels real. Everything is real. My heart begins to race and I no longer want to sleep, I want to act. I want to get up and find a way to manifest these dreams. A beautiful feeling of excitement, enchantment all curated with the power of the mind. It's sensational. It's magic. 

I want to take you back to my concept of luxury and what it really means to live a luxurious life. 

Often we find ourselves doing things for the wrong reasons: to impress friends and family, to curate a certain image of ourselves, or simply to keep up with the Kardashians. It's important to know that this is not leading a life of luxury. The constant feeling to impress is a drug instilled in all of us, easily disabled by endeavouring in things with purpose and selflessness. As humans emotion is our most powerful tool, our friend or our enemy.  

Luxury is changing your state of mind. Luxury is letting the precious box of highs to drive you. Luxury is comfort and balance. And here's the real truth: Luxury will always be exclusive to those who know how to control their minds. To borrow luxury is to buy cars, flashy things and designer clothes but to own luxury is to control the mind. So what is it going to be? 

Do you want to borrow luxury or do you want to own it?  


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