Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dreams of | Dubai

Manmade water. Sand dunes that stretch across The land of Pure Opulence. An aquatic view of exotic fish and water mammals create a vibrant source of energy. The sun is shining bright, illuminating the glassy skyscraper buildings. 
Jaguars, Lamborghini(s), Ferraris and Aston Martins cruise through clean cut roads. The most luxurious shopping malls accommodate expensive taste in jewellery, bags and shoes. Brunch on late afternoons at Japanese restaurants like Nobu, followed by late night French cuisine at the Park Hyatt. Embracing the sun setting as a waiting game for darkness to loom.
A vibrant night life in various rooftop bars. Helicopter rides through crowded cities of artificial lights in all shades of silver, champagne and gold.
Infused into a culture of people endowed with religion, respect and inner peace. 


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