Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Do you believe in Luxury?

The word lust originated from the latin word luxuria. The first of seven deadly sins. It seems what we hold the most importance to in this world are the things that have the potential to kill us.

"What is luxury?" A little voice in my head asks. 
"A state of mind." I answer. 
"No, no. What is the traditional meaning of luxury?" The voice taunts.

And so the voice continues, whispering hints like: 
"Remember that Sports car you want to drive, the Givenchy dress you want to wear, the €20,000 a night 7 star hotel you want to sleep in..."

Opulence. Vanity. Materialism. Consumerism.

Slowly I begin to falter. Slowly I begin to submit to what the world wants me to believe luxury is. I start imagining all of the things I want but do not have. I create a false reality and lock those thoughts in my head and call it my happy place. The place where all my dreams come true.

And then I wake up, banging headache forced back to reality. Compelling thoughts swimming around in my mind.
'2%. That's how much of the world lives this way. Why do you want to live like that? You don't even know how they live or what they have to do to keep the life they have.'  

Lies. Deceit. Manipulation. Pressure. Loneliness. Enemies. Conspiracies. 

NO NO NO NO NO. That is not what I imagined. All I see are fancy dinner parties, large chandeliers, Dom Perignon. The beautiful smell of decadence. 
Do it. Imagine yourself with all of the materialistic goods you've ever wanted. Can you feel that high? 

Except it seems we want things that can only kill us. 

But why let something kill you when you can kill it first? 

Meet Luxury Type II

This blog is about luxury but not in the way you imagine.

Diamants au chocolat will continue to morph the new meaning of luxury using virtues and vices in fashion and travel, through powerful storytelling and defining what it is we really want.

Everything we do in life is to change the way we feel. We don't fall in love with brands because of their manufacturing strategies. We fall in love with stories and communities. Something that is able to enchant us. 

Here is my challenge. Exploring luxury without the price tag. Are you ready for this?

Be too prideful to let lust rule your life. Be greedy with your happiness and too lazy for envy.


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