Sunday, 31 January 2016

Classe | Givenchy Girl

Givenchy Girl 

Givenchy  is made for the girl with a little more grit. The girl who sees the world in not only black and white but blue, grey, navy, purple, turquoise and all of the other colours that could make a rainbow. Ironically so, givenchy is for when we are feeling a little more untraditional, a little more dark and out of control. We don't want flowers and we don't want kale. We want coffee, a philosophical book to read and dinner for breakfast. Monday to Friday we work on our creative souls, craving depth, questioning death and finding more meaning to life than pretty magazine covers and beautifully scented candles. Saving classics like Pride & prejudice for treacherously long weekends. Dangerously reserved in nature but externally outrageous with bold prints, a little black dress anything and sheer material. We want pointed ankle boots and heavily embezzled jackets. The world created in our minds does not resemble the world we view in reality. We are romantics enthralled by mystery and peculiarity.


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