Saturday, 9 January 2016

Black Panther

That's the thing about a black panther in a dark forest, nobody sees it coming before it pounces.

Isn't it boring to be a girl? To be interested in fashion, makeup, Instagram and attracting attention. To be paid to look pretty, or cheery or energetic but never intelligent, dark, cunning. Never the mysterious beauty who embraces her strengths. Nobody wants to know that girl because that shit doesn't sell. 
Stay happy, stay smiling, stay Marilyn. And if you're insecure enough, maybe the world will look your way.

What would your mind look like if you had to turn it inside out and present it to the world? I'll show you mine so you can show me yours:

I never stop asking questions, especially about things that are wrong in the world. Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself for caring so much and then irritated by people who don't care enough. I'll break every rule that I find traditional and old fashioned just to make a point. Ah proving a point - I'll go above and beyond to prove you wrong...even if I'm wrong. I'm easily toyed with, everything gets to me. A mix of sensitive Cancer and fiery Leo, I think about things and I think about them twice but I'll always make an immediate decision. I'll never cry over the same thing twice.  I live like I'm going to die at age 35. Because 20 years is enough to make a difference. I thrive when I am alone, my mind is my home. If my eyes are closed, I am somewhere I want to be; envisioning cities I want to visit, and things I want to happen. They often do.  I watch everything with the eyes of a cat. I don't miss anything, I am ten moves ahead at all times, probably because of my habit of thinking out scenarios consistently. The only thing I fear is failure. I don't fear much else.

I have certain hibernation periods where I won't talk to anyone for days. In that time I'm learning something new and often accumulating new ideas. I don't attract attention unless I want to. It's almost like a game in my head, figuring out what makes people tick and how people succumb to charm.

So there you have it, two sides to a coin. The social media culture of persuading people to believe that we live a life of only "highlights" is misleading for so many young people. There are young people who sit in front of their screens believing that their life is only as good as their latest Instagram photo. Fashion is here for us to represent how we feel but how we feel is still the most important factor.  As much fun as it is to play dress up and channel different personas of ourselves, it's important to remember that we will always be worth more than fashion.


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