Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mood | Moonlight Dancing

Amira observed her friends sitting on the couches in front of the artificial fire in her apartment. Under the influence of Margaritas, chatting about politics and people they hated. Pop music that none of them particularly liked blared out of the speakers. But for tonight they would enjoy that and the bitter taste of tequila. In a metallic gold turtle neck crop top and high waisted black velvet leggings, Amira stood up to sway to the music.

'You know we should go to Amsterdam tonight. Head to the airport and just book tickets, we'd be there in no time.' she said.

'You're either completely out of your mind or really fucking wasted. I choose the latter.' Eve laughed.

'Think of the lights. Think of the canals. Think of the people.' Amira pleaded as she moved over to Eve.

'I'm not wasting this outfit on a plane ride. We're going out tonight.' Jay pointed at his Armani watch, overpriced leather jacket and checkered shirt to match. 

'We could actually do it. I don't go back to work until Monday.' Jenny enthused, pushing her sandy brown hair behind her ear.

'It's a Thursday night and unfortunately for me banks open on Friday's, then again I'm the boss.' Shay grinned cheekily.

The frosty Winter contrasted the warmth of Amira's apartment. Their laughter and chatter compensated. Eyes lost in Christmas lights that brightened up the city, facial expressions broken down to define only that of content. Amira inhaled the cold air. To exhale was to feel the joy that had been building up in her all night. 

'So where will we go for coffee in the morning?' she said smiling at a complete stranger. The energy around her was magnetic, and if one thing led to be true, strangers loved a good smile. 

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