Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Character Assassination

I believe there are things we do for people and things we do for ourselves. The key to materialising what we want to do is differentiating what we are doing for people and what we are doing for ourselves

They say a writer isn't just one person but a collection of persons living in one body. Every week, I display a part of myself to the Internet world on this site. You don't need to meet me in person to know who I am. You probably know me better than some of my friends and family. 
Don't be fooled by the false names and scenarios, if you look deep enough you'll find me on every inch of this site. 
Character assassination. I take part in it everyday, highlighting my traits and deep thoughts, my strengths and my downfalls. You could say I do it for myself and that's 20% true but honestly? I do it for you. I write to convey:

I want to make you feel something.

I want to get a message across to you.

I want to take you to somewhere you've never been before.

I want to change your story by changing mine.

They say style is a form of expression that gives you permission to flaunt who you are without uttering a word. That is 100% for me. I dress to convey a mood, a character trait or culture - past and present. I don't do it for you because there is nothing you can learn from it. You must create your own. You must dictate what is valuable to you and what isn't. Dig deep and determine what you want to show to the world but do it for you -- not for them.

So today I take part in fashion for myself so that in ten years I will be able to take part in fashion for you in the hopes that I can convey emotion, concept, teleportation and clarity in the products that you may one day choose to use as your form of expression. 
As with the writing, I have been writing for myself from the age of 10. Ten years have passed and I hope my writing - like your favourite TV shows, movies and books - will change your story...or at least your thoughts. 


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