Monday, 2 November 2015

DEVIL - may - care

For one night of the year, the world allows you to either take a mask off or put a mask on. But why does everyday feel like Hallowe'en? 
86,400 seconds pass by in a day and everyday we spend a little bit of unnoticeable time constructing a new mask to display to the world. As if our original faces are too ugly to show. Doing jobs we don't like, studying subjects we have no true interest in, focusing on the lives of others, envious and bitter that everything we want is not yet ours. So we continue the cycle and put on masks in the hopes that it will help us to get to where we want to be.  Constantly hiding behind popularity, social acceptance and praise based on fabricated truth. Living an inauthentic life. 

This year I've learned that living for the sake of others, money or social acceptance is metaphorical suicide. I have to be myself and that means accepting the good, the bad and the ugly. I see people online who only embrace the positives and lock the negatives in a pandora box that will eventually breed the loathing of themselves or others. Forming a depiction of happiness so fake that it can only be pure. 
They say all creative people - actors, writers, artists, singers - were born with just a little bit of insanity but the truth is creative people release those negative energies back into the world through form of expression. They acknowledge them, embrace them and then finally let them go; Creating dark music, writing stories, playing a bad character. I've come to learn that stifling my level of creativity for the sake of opposing opinions is simply not an option. This isn't a site about continuously positive events. This is a site about embracing good fortune and also life tragedies. Releasing all energies through the art of fashion, writing, and imagination.


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