Thursday, 12 November 2015

Classe | Belissima Cavalli

Img source: (Roberto Cavalli Official)

I remember writing a letter to Roberto Cavalli stating that he had better work with me because I was in need of being transformed into the most beautiful belle at the ball. This was when I was lying in bed with an awful disease called shingles in August. I mean, clearly I was delusional and the medication I had been taking silenced the voice in my head that was initially screaming -- 

"M r.  R o b e r t o  C a v a l l i  d o e s  n o t  r e a d  l e t t e r s  f r o m    
s t r a n g e  s e l f  p i t y i n g  g i r l s."

Roberto Cavalli was infatuated with beautiful women. His long life dream? To make us feel even more beautiful. With his creative eye, Mr Cavalli morphed women into sensual empresses, lionesses, QUEENS of a queendom using beautiful animal prints, bold colours of nature and dramatic cuts. A passion for the art and anything beautiful. 

Cavalli Girl

Throwing parties of extravagance would become a monthly hobby. A long champagne dress to hide the parts of my body that are most revealing but to bare shoulders, collar bones and a little bit of leg.  I'd order the best Pinot Grigio and Dom Pérignon. I'd find a kick ass caterer to create sushi bowls and yummy desserts. Beautiful velvet throw pillows with gold appliqué. Royal blue chiffon draping from the ceiling. Candles and ancient ornaments ostentatiously placed around the room. Hookah pipes and an intimate guest list. Loud music and a constant flow of discussions would linger around the room. The night is young. Then the night is over. The only task left is to fall asleep in a white print kaftan with nothing but the loud rings of a successful party echoing in my ear. 


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