Thursday, 5 November 2015

Classe | The Sins of Balmain

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From old money minimalism to the perfectly contrived extravagance of the nouveau riche. From exclusivity to inclusivity. From dust to gold. Balmain is now the most desired fashion house of the 21st century. Olivier Rousteing, one day I'll meet you and ask how you did it and you'll refuse to tell but we'll laugh over coffee in cafe de flore and you'll tell me how poor my French is. 

There is only a thin line that separates yin from yang and on occasion we allow ourselves to cross this line, ripping off the mask that covers our dark sides and allowing ourselves, for one brief moment to embrace dark thoughts, emotions and actions. Our true selves and our egos cohabit within us and everyday we choose between the two.

Balmain Girl

Champagne for breakfast because it's 5pm somewhere in the world. 5AM wakeup calls. Money to earn, money to spend...and people in the world to prove wrong. 100 hour weeks. Sleepless nights. A craving for the fast life so motorcycles over cars. From dawn to dusk. From work life to night life. From leather pants and plain t shirts to eloquently designed beaded couture dresses and blazers. 24 carat  jewels. Elegantly slicked back buns. Musky scents. A work of art.  My body is simply the canvas I choose to decorate.


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