Friday, 31 October 2014

Lookbook | Clouds full of dreams

Hey lovelies,
Long time no talk I know I know. Feel free to shoot me. It's been a long week all together from procrastinating college work to watching the X Factor and eating too much and then of course coming back up to college only to have a breakdown about the 157 things on my to do list. My week felt as long as that sentence. Speaking of, I'm actually supposed to be finishing an essay right now but I guess writing this blog is like enjoying a lovely cheat day in the middle of a super healthy week. 
So many thoughts enter and leave my mind every minute of the day so It's really nice to just take a break and enjoy some time writing it all out. 

So I keep thinking about how much I used to go out and the amazing social life I once had.

Unfortunately, with 157 problems, a hangover can't be one. It kinda hurts sometimes knowing the kind of sacrifices I make for this blog and for my college work. My friends and I unfortunately retired from the crazy, unpredictable nights we used to enjoy. We don't live without a care in the world because I guess we're all grown up now and have goals we want to reach. Although there is something about reaching goal that's extremely satisfying, 'the climb' as Miley Cyrus calls it sometimes doesn't feel like It's worth it. I mean, who wouldn't love to chill with friends, drink cheap wine, eat McDonalds and enjoy a spontaneous night out or 3; partying until the stars disappear back into the sky and the disguise that darkness brings finally leaves us with the damning realness of reality. 

So then I get to thinking why exactly am I making all of these sacrifices? I'm young, I'm supposed to be having 'fun'. Well I don't just want life to be 'fun' at the end of the week when I get that low pay check, I don't want it to be just 'fun' when the dark clouds decide to hide the reality of the day. I want my reality to be just as thrilling as the high you get off dancing to loud music and singing at top of your voice. Don't you find that when you go out, the people seem perfect and the atmosphere is exhilarating. You take in everything and nothing else in the world matters, not even the dying patients of Ebola. You're simply (and selfishly) having fun. You see, I work hard now so that I can have that pay cheque with all the big fat zeros at the end of it, so I can work hard at something I am passionate about and maybe change someone's perspective on something. And when I do go out with friends, It will be top class champagne, private parties in Dubai and gossip in the morning while I'm dressed in my 2000 dollar bath robe. So when people don't understand my vision, when people judge me for the things I do, criticise my every move and the things I sacrifice, I won't mind because I know I'm hear to win the war, not the petty battles.

Trends & Outfit details: There's just something about fur coats and gilets that just scream winter is here. When I saw this beauty in Forever 21, I just could not say no. I purchased it at an absolute bargain of €37; can we just take a minute (or 5) to appreciate the beauty of this champagne pink colour? Luckily enough I've decided to style a day and night look featuring this jacket for you, this is the 'night' outfit so keep an eye out for the day look tomorrow evening; dare I say It's even more fab than this eep! The black playsuit is from the Savida Collection of my beloved Dunnes Stores. The stilettos are from New Look, can anyone else smell elegance in the air? I love how cheeky and daring this dress is but adding the fur coat, gives off the perfect air of chic and 1960s class. My ring is also New Look. I treasure the purple lipstick I'm wearing in these photos. My darling sister brought it home for me from her trip to Dubai along with some other goodies. I can't remember what the name is but It's by Mac and It's not as matte as you would expect. Ohh, when there's dark lipstick and fur involved, what could possibly feel wrong? Absolutely nothing. Ladies & gentlemen, the art of fashion.

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  1. You look gorgeous! The photos are so great despite the light being so dark! I haven't mastered that art myself as I find that the photos are easier to look good during the day. I really like the atmosphere you have captured. I'd love if you took a little look at my blog. x