Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lookbook | Faux glamour

Hey beautiful people!
How are we today? I hope you enjoyed Hallowe'en as much as I did. This time of the year, leading up to Christmas is always my favourite. Everything seems more homely and the 'christmas spirit' surprisingly doesn't seem so fictional at all. I'm so ready for steaming hot baths, scented candles and cosy onesies. I went shopping today for the first time in a while and I must say, I (almost) forgot what it felt like to just spend all of your money on pretty clothes that make you feel good. Is it possible to get high off buying new clothes? I often find pieces that I like on days where I shop on impulse and today was no different. 

Self conscious. Do you ever feel like people are watching your every move?

That someone notices when a new spot shows up on your face or when your hair is a mess? It kinda irks me to think that these things matter to people and most importantly that it matters to me. 'When you look good, you feel good.' But is it okay to sometimes have your off days without feeling like the whole world is criticising you. It's sad to think that perfection, as Queen B would put it is a disease of a nation. Let me give you two examples: a. social media and b. being a fashion blogger. We all put up photos and information that represents the best part of our lives and that is okay. It's a fabulous thing to learn to only embrace the positive aspects of life but do we take it all a little too seriously? Everyday I hear someone new saying they would like to be a fashion blogger without any knowledge of how much objectiveness you need have to be one. I scrutinise everything that goes on this blog; I have to be able to accept when a photo does not look good and when my writing is bad. Accountants critique accounts, Doctors critique patients, prosecutors critique defendants but fashion bloggers or bloggers in general critique themselves. No one understands the kind of pressure that puts on us to always look good and be good. One important thing to learn: being glamorous isn't all fun and games. Is it worth it though? Abso-fucking-lutely. You guys make it worth it and I wouldn't change the 'game' for the world. 

Trends & Outfit details: Oh you guys, these photos do not do these jeans justice. Because we were shooting at night time, It's very hard to make out the criss-cross detailing on the thigh. You know how much I love my crochet patterns on plain clothing. It's nearly like changing your name from *insert vanilla name here* to Donatella Versace. It just makes everything so much more interesting. The jeans are from Forever 21 as is the fur coat. My obsession for this store is REAL. What I love most about it is that no matter what your personal style is, you'll always find something you like in there because they target everyone from chic to sporty. My vest top is Dunnes Stores and that beautiful necklace is from Aldo. The shoes are New Look and I must say I do have a love/hate relationship with them. They're very comfortable and I love the 'sandal inspired' cut outs. However there was a time where closed toe wedges were a thing and every basic girl (is there anything worse than a basic bish) that I saw in a nightclub wore them. It was like their outfit wasn't complete unless they had  those shoes on...with ankle socks...showing. I quickly learned to dislike that trend but after that died down a little bit, I finally started to tolerate them again. Besides, the cuts out are really what enticed me in the first place. 

I hope you darlings enjoyed this blog post and I can't wait to talk to you again on Monday.

-Ayisha x

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