Monday, 13 October 2014

Lookbook | Sweet sacrifice

Photo cred: Kamile Kvaukaite

Hey lovely people! How are we all doing? I know I know, I've been MIA for the last few days but believe me when I say It was a mid-life crisis. So we're in week 6 of college and I figured out only last week that I have mid-term exams and essays to submit every single week from week 6 to week 10. Then my exams begin in week 12. Yep, organisation isn't a forté of mine. Right now, I'm supposed to be studying for my Economics exam next Monday but It's cold outside, eating healthy sucks and let's just say I need a pick me up hence why I've decided to write this article for you to enjoy whilst procrastinating whatever you're supposed to be doing. Today's article isn't so much a story but an epiphany that I reached over the summer. Yes It's about Kanye and no there's nothing sweet about it.
"I just think that when my confidence meets other people's insecurities, that equals "Kanye is arrogant".
To be who you are or to be who everyone else wants you to be? There are sacrifices to be made for each case. You either sacrifice the chances of being deemed as "unlikeable" or you sacrifice your true opinions and thus expressing who you are. I guess that's a question we should all answer at least once in our life times. I know your thinking process is going to start off with 'Be yourself obviously, who else could you be?' But here's the thing, we live in a society where wearing masks in public is an everyday occurrent so are you really being yourself? I'll give you an example for instance. There was a time when I would sit in a group of 8 people and deny myself an opinion simply because I didn't want to offend anyone in the group and moreover I didn't want to stand out. I wanted to be perceived as part of the group.  Although this may all sound so silly to me now, the truth of the matter is I was so eager to please as a 13 year old girl. But now? Not so much. There's something many people won't understand about me when they first meet me  and that is that I am opinionated. Let's be honest no one prefers the opinionated girl. Perhaps it's because we all fear the truth of what people might actually think of us or perhaps It's because people prefer the sunshine to the rain. Who knows. The person society is percieved to prefer (at least, in my opinion) is the happy go lucky, sweet and slightly insecure girl with the cherry on top. We all love people who are endlessly happy and always full of compliments. However what about the rest of us who are not like that? The rest of us who don't believe in fairytales and unicorns, who enjoy reality and have an opinion on absolutely everything? Is it socially acceptable to not be totally vanilla? 
I know I'm throwing a lot of questions at you but if you have to pretend to be the 'girl next door' then stop it right now. If there's anything people hate more It's a faker fakers gonna fake so if you have to change yourself just to be the preferred girl, think twice about what you're doing. It is okay to be the girl with all of the confidence in the world, the girl who believes in herself more than anyone else does. If Kanye can do it then you'll be just fine. 
Be yourself, be opinionated, voice your personal thoughts. Except in internship interviews. B*tches love internships. Buy some sugar coating and sprinkle that shit everywhere in that case.
Asides from that who are you? What are your thoughts? Eventually as we grow up, we get wiser and more self-aware. We get tired and bored of being something that we are not and only then is it when we realise that "All masks have to come off and with them, so do the gloves."

Trends and Outfit details: Some of you might recognise the latex skirt that I'm wearing. Yes It used to be pencil skirt length but recently I decided to cut it for a more edgier look. I know some of you might think Latex skirts are a thing of the past but for me a trend like this will come back over and over again in years to come so I wouldn't advise throwing this little number out of your wardrobe. Speaking of, the skirt is from Topshop and I bought it around December of last year to wear to Abercrombie & Fitch's christmas party while I was still working there. Will envelope purses ever go out of trend? I hope not as I think It adds a little bit of 'office' sophistication to every outfit. This cute accessory is from Dunnes. Also from Dunnes is this blue blouse. At first I wasn't convinced but when I paired it with this nude skirt, I fell in love. Co-ordination (or lack thereof) is everything in fashion. Ah yes, It must be magic. 

I hope you guys really enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on my

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  1. Great Post!

  2. Loving the skirt, would never be able to rock that myself but you look great!

    I read your post too and just to reply, Iv'e come down to the decision that it doesn't matter what other people think, as long as you know yourself thats all that matters. I don't try to fit in, I am most happy being me :)