Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lookbook | Octobre rouge

Don't be silly darling, everybody wants to be us.
And who are we? The kids who aren't afraid of fighting for what they believe in, the kids who smell danger and instead of running, chase it; The kids who aren't intimidated by risks or challenges, those who want to do better and be better. We're the kids who no one's expecting to rise from the ground, the dark horses who believe that the future has to have a place in it for us. More significantly, we snatch anything that's rightfully ours but with a smile and such charisma that will intimidate even the most important people. I once read a quote: We don't find ourselves, we create ourselves. So why don't you create something great?

Just a little food for thought. I've had a positive reaction from you guys in terms of my story telling. For those of you who don't know I reveal a little part of my life each time I write an article. You've guessed right I have another story to tell you. So I was on Twitter a couple of days ago and I made the following remarks: 
"If you're going to eat crap 24/7, don't complain about not being able to wear a body con. Suck it up- literally." Let me guess, I've lost half of you by the sounds of that comment. Unfortunately and to no surprise, I was slandered for making such a 'blunt' comment. Apparently speaking your mind is frowned upon on social media. Fortunately or unfortunately like most people in the fashion industry I wasn't born with the ability to sugar coat situations or thoughts. I understand how some of you may have taken that statement in the completely wrong context. Let me explain my reasons for publishing it with a comparison, example and a further statement. If you were constantly complaining about not being able to go on a luxurious holiday because you simply don't have the funds, yet decide to spend every single dime you have on alcohol and parties. Would I have said the same thing to you? Yes. How is this situation any different? Getting back on topic, this is not to say that anyone who is not a size 8 can't wear a body-con, I've seen size 14 ladies rock bodycons better than most. I'm talking about those who make a complaint but don't follow up with an action. If you for some reason don't feel comfortable wearing that misguided off the shoulder body con then do something about it. I bet if you didn't like a type of vegetable- let's say celery for the sake of this example- then you would stop eating it immediately. At least I sure as hell know I would. It would be completely moronic to think I'm targeting people who actually take actions against things they don't like. The case remains the same, if you want to something then go out there and do everything in your power to get it. A famous quote that I like to refer to every once in a while "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't, change your attitude."

Trends and outfit details: If you know me personally, then you know my personal style is preppy. I have my days where I rock beanies and leather jackets but what I feel most comfortable in is preppy clothing; that is button down shirts, chiffon, blazers (20 and counting), tailored skirts and plaid. Lots and lots of plaid. Okay so on today's look, the whole outfit is from Dunnes Stores, you guys already know the kind of love I have for that store. The shoes are from Primark and the bag is Louis Vuitton and sadly does not belong to me, It is my older sister's- I simply can't afford one :( One day darlings, one day.

I hope you're loving the new changes to Diamants. I'm currently working on a lot of projects for this blog so I really hope you'll love the end results and the direction we're heading. I know I might lose some of you due to the fact that this blog isn't exactly what It used to be one year ago but I believe Diamants is changing for the better and I can't wait to chat with all of my new readers. First, let me explain to you who Diamants target market is: anyone and everyone who has an interest in fashion so yes that could mean you! I have to explain a few house warming tips though. I am not a subtle person, I do not 'do' sugar coating so whatever you read on my blog will be nothing but the truth sans a lot of diplomacy. The main aim though is to come together as a community of people who enjoy everything fashion and celebrate personal style. Let's talk, discuss and argue about the things we're most passionate about. Boring (thankfully) is not a factor of this blog and will never be. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my constant readers who read all of my articles without missing a single one! You guys are the reason why I feel the need to publish my thoughts and style instead of keeping it all to myself. To express my gratitude, I will be giving away a €50 Topshop voucher. YES- you read that correctly- €50! I was so impressed with Cara Delevingne's collaboration with Topshop and felt that some of you might like to buy yourselves something nice from there or if not why not regift this voucher to a close friend? 
In order to be eligible to win this voucher, you MUST follow all of the rules. If you fail to do so, your entry will not count. You can enter as many times as you like. 
Here are the rules of the competition:
3. Share this post by clicking on the "Share" button below. 

Notify me when you've done all of these 3 things (I will be checking on the 31/10/14 if you followed the rules) and you could be the winner of a €50 Topshop voucher. 
Competition closes: 31st October 2014
Remember rules are just to make things fair so please please please follow them, I'd hate for any of you to miss out.

Keeping it interesting
-Ayisha x 



  1. This outfit is soo cute especially for work attire...well for me anyways haha. I love the bag as well and I'm not a bag person but you got me sold on this one! I love your story telling too, speak your mind and don't regret it! I definitely agree with you about your comment because I know I complain sometimes about not fitting something and that makes me go out and work extra hard to get the desired results. People who won't make and effort to change will make negative comments but those that do understand where your coming from :)

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