Saturday, 4 October 2014

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Hey darlings,
How are we all doing today? I hope you've had a more productive Saturday than I have. There seems to be nothing I hate more than lack of productivity. It just makes me feel useless and totally out of sync. Putting that aside, I've got another little story to tell you. Some may feel writing a fashion blog should always consist of simply fashion but I prefer to mix business with personal. How else will you understand why I like the clothes I like? To me fashion is psychological. If you possess an interest in fashion, then you must dress a certain way for a certain reason. Therefore, your personal style can say a lot about you. For instance, I can read a person simply by the clothes they are wearing. Don't mix that up with pre-judging, I just know when we wake up in the morning and put on the clothes we prefer, there's a reason why we feel most comfortable in them. Some for a confidence boost, others to hide the things they don't like about themselves. 

You could say I'm a bit of both to be honest. I either look like a homeless person or Fashion week ready, there is no in-between. Most if not all of the time on this blog, I dress for the latter. My blog in general is like a fantasy world for me, my own personal bubble. Everything looks perfect and more importantly everything is organised. The layout, the pictures, the editorials and lifestyle advice columns are a piece of me I enjoy offering to the world but what you might not know or simply be oblivious to is that, that is just a fraction of me. Keeping a blog is like living in a luxurious home with towering clean windows, tidy rooms and opulent d├ęcor. You don't see the hours and the kind of work It takes the manufacturers, construction workers, interior designers and house owner to form this aesthetically pleasing home. Just like some of you may not realise how challenging it is to balance time between blogging and doing the other 101 things you must do in life a.k.a. go to college, submit assignments, eat healthy, maintain good skin, form blogging ideas, style outfits in advance, ongoing planning and networking- I mean is sleep even a thing? 
Coffee is every blogger's best friend; without It we are catastrophic. I remember sitting in a lecture hall last Friday morning, rocking in my seat back and fort because a late bus to college had stripped me of my right to black coffee before the lecture. In this space of time I faced symptoms of pure exhaustion and thus was unable to pay attention in a law module that I very much needed to. Besides my unhealthy coffee addiction, I revel in the satisfaction of seeing an end result each week, seeing high traffic flows when I write something you're interested in or when the outfit looks as good in pictures as It does in real life. I dwell on your sweet comments about my outfits, appearance and writing. To put it simply as does Lady Gaga, I live for the applause. However keeping organised and making sure to compartmentalise are two of my biggest struggles. Often a times, I am a bundle of unorganised mess and cannot seem to possibly untangle my thoughts. Sometimes I just want to shout with the level of frustration I feel when there are complications with blogposts and shoots (cough -Irish weather). So when you look at the pretty pictures and observe the photogenic girl, remember that that is the easiest part for me and for you. Feeling as elegant and as put together as I look is a different story.

Trends & Outfit Details: I cannot express my complete and utter love for the playsuit I am wearing in this lookbook. The soft pastel blue, structure, length and cut all ring a bell in my head and tick several boxes on my list of absolute satisfaction. When my mother brought home this number from the Savida collection in Dunnes, I could not help but try it on immediately. I was worried that pastel colours wouldn't look great with my skin tone but oh boy was I wrong. You will be seeing me in a lot more pastels from now on. Speaking of pastels, I am surprised to see that they are a trend for A/W 14', considering they are usually an S/S trend. If there's anything I'd recommend for you to invest in, It would be a pastel coloured coat; think soft dark colours though such as blue, washed out grey, lavender. I bought this affluent necklace in Aldo one or two years ago and my love for it is not going anywhere. The shoes are from Primark/Penneys. I am such a huge fan of sandal heels but I must confess lasting more than 3 hours in these beauties is a challenge in disguise. I'm wearing my favourite red lipstick as always and I've kept jewellery to a minimum as I wanted there to be a huge focus on the necklace.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this new article. What do you think of my new blog design? I hope you love it as much as I do.

Stay stylish
-Ayisha x


  1. Great blog post and nothings wrong with mixing personal with business for your fashion blog, I do it all the time ;) Love the look and the pastels definitely look good on you! Those heels are everything and more I just want this whole outfit lets be honest haha! Also I love your new blog design. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to making my blog look perfect, ahh the struggle!

  2. This is your blog so there is nothing wrong with mixing business and personal stuff. I deff do on my blog. Gorgeouss outfit though! So simple yet so cute, I even feel like I could pull something like this off. Loving the new blog design too. :D

  3. very stylish outfit and lovely blog.
    Juts like you I either dress down or dress like im ready to catwalk. Who cares ? just wear what makes you happy !