Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lookbook | When simplicity and madness collide


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag the world is moving at such a rapid pace and you never really find the time to process things as they happen? Yep, that's pretty much the story of my life, which makes me question whether I'm really living in the moment or not. 

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation from a small Spanish boutique called Kling. Kling, which is located in Dublin city were hosting an A/W 14' press launch for fashion bloggers. I had never heard of Kling's boutique at the time so I wasn't expecting much. I woke up that Thursday morning and within 40 seconds, I had put together quite an interesting outfit. Walking into college that day was ├╝ber weird as I was obviously overdressed but If I told you I didn't love every minute of it, I would be lying. Clothes seem to hold some kind of power and presence, a confidence switch that sets all eyes on you. Thankfully enough, Kling and I will be working together in the very near future so watch out guys, you're in for some very chic Parisian outfits. 
"Dress extravagantly but live simply."
I came up with this quote late last night whilst contemplating life and the death of Oscar De la Renta. I find it close to impossible to write a speech as beautiful as the designs of this man. Mr. De la Renta was the direct personification of simplicity with a very large touch of madness. He dared to create and inspire with his attention to detail, intricate designs and spontaneous creativity but what strikes me the most is the deeper meaning behind his creations. His dream was to make women extract the beauty within themselves and present it to the world. I appreciate the people in fashion who tend to look beneath the surface of the fabrics, stitching and architecture of the clothes, who have the ability to connect clothes to human feelings and emotions. For me that is what style is and Oscar De la Renta did style very well. 
I spent the day shooting with my best friend, Kamile. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very kind to us but I was okay with that because It meant we could take little breaks to grab a bite to eat in Subway or iced frappuccinos in the cosy new Starbucks. Giggling over private jokes, we decided to tell the Starbucks barista that we were Naomi & Kate, send random snapchats to people who didn't matter and listen to music that made us want to go to crazy parties with crazy people. 

Trends & Outfit details: I cannot begin to explain my love for over the knee socks to you. I find they make me look a lot taller than I actually am, they're comfortable and they're a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe for A/W. The dark grey pair you see in the photos are from Forever 21. When It starts getting colder in the winter, I will be layering these beauties with opaque or nude tights. You might have noticed that I am a huge fan of skirts and all things short, so tights and long coats are really my best friends during the winter season. Speaking of coats, can we take a minute to appreciate the extravagance of this coat from the Savida Collection in Dunnes Stores? More importantly how would you perceive me if I walked right past you in this outfit? Embrace the madness, I'll say.


  1. Absolutely love the outfit as always! Your friend takes amazing photos of you, I really need her as my photographer lol! If you walked right past me I would be so jealous of that coat IT IS AMAZING! I really love your style!

  2. lovely post doll, love the coat x

  3. I love your outfit. The jacket is so cute I want!