Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tumblr Favourites: Pants off, laptop on, blogging 'till the break of dawn

Hey guise,

How is everyone doing?! So I know it's exam season for a lot of us and well quite blatantly most of us are freaking out. This is the point where I question my decision of picking UCD over Trinity who have no Christmas exams (just kidding, 'trinners' for wankers not winners).
Anyway other than the fact that I failed miserably at studying today due to some heavy procrastination, I did however get my 2500 word essay submitted before the deadline and considering it was the most boring module in the history of modules (quite literally when I say history) I consider that as quite a big achievement hehe.

But enough about my life, what about yours?! Drop me a message on any of my social networks, I want to know!

Here are my Tumblr favourites of tonight and yes I mean just tonight. I'm always on Tumblr and my favourites change so quickly; it's really my favourite social media site if I'm honest just because you can say what you want and post what you want and no one will judge or complain that you post too much, like people do on Facebook. If you have a Tumblr, comment with your URL down below and I'll check yours out, I really need new blogs to follow hehe. I'm in a bit of a Drake mood right now and I am so in love with Drake's song "I get lonely too"- it's beyond cute! Anyone else just love everything about Drake?! Eeep!

Enough ramblings for the night.

Your gal,
-Mizzmoi X



  1. Same, Tumblr is my fav social site too, it's the best! Following yours :) x
    Behind My Specs