Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Edition: The Perfect Pyjamas for you

Did anyone here that? The sound of jingle bells and reindeer sneers? That could mean only one thing, Christmas is coming- eep! (If you think that line was cringy as hell, don't worry about it I totally understand phew). Guise though, I am super excited for Christmas, more so for the food and family cosiness (and presents) than any other thing.

So my sister suggested I do a blog post on how to feel very cosy and comfortable on Christmas morning and I was like uh, no. Who the hell would want to read about that?! But after thinking about it for a minute and a half, I decided that it was actually quite an interesting idea! There would be nothing worse than waking up and feeling 'ew' on Christmas morning. The only thing that can prevent that is having a shower before you go to sleep (or a lavender bath- that does sound good doesn't it?!) and of course purchasing some soft, warm and comfortable pyjamas for Christmas eve night. Genius right? ;)

So I'm going to provide you with some of my favourite pyjamas sets that would have you dreaming for Christmas morning to be here already.

Here we go, for both men and women!

-Mizzmoi X

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

So we all know A&F make the softest clothes. IF you're going to invest in your Christmas outfit, why not invest in your pyjamas too?!

2. Victoria's Secret 

Want to look hot as hell even in Pyjamas? My mindset is you only live once in the sense that you should always try to look your best at all times, especially since Santa's coming ;)

3. Pennys 

If you want to go for affordable yet still comfortable, Pennys is always the way to go! Stock up on cute pyjama shorts, a tank and knee-high socks and you'll look cute as ever!

4. New Look

For that classic onesie look- you can't beat a cute, comfortable overall!

5. SuperDry 

Guys I've got some cute boy shorts for you to invest in and girls some cute boxer shorts- who's excited?! Can I just say I'm loving SuperDry at the mo!

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