Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Best Dressed: Facebookers of the month

Hey guys,

I had my first proper Uni exam today and I'm pretty drained so I'm literally going to fly through this. I'd love to tell you that my day consisted of sleeping, eating, tumblring and what not but unfortunately I spent a lot of my time in the Quinn study, getting my shit together for my maths exam- typical that maths would be the first right? Haha!

I feel like I do enough talking about myself and spend a lot of time giving you guys tips so today I've decided I want to commend the most stylish Facebookers of the month. I didn't have time to go through everyone on my friends list (devo) but if I did, I'm pretty sure there'd be a lot more of you guys on here! Considering I love having a little creep on Facebook, just to see what people are wearing- I might do one of these every second month or so! Let me know if you like that idea in the comments pls :)) Anyhoo I might do a Men's version of this post just because I hate leaving you poor gentlemen out, so I'll keep you posted! Don't forget to enter my new give-away guys, it's ending in a week!

Stay Stylish,

Your girl
-Mizzmoi X

1. Orla Murray: Edg-elegance personified

Mizzmoi says: I am too in love with this look! It's styled perfectly. The balance is on point; she has just the right amount of boldness to pull this look off. My favourite of the 5!

Kamilė says:This outfit simply shouts "elegance". Very classy but still pretty simple, just as it should be.
My favourite of the 5!

Sasi says (my sister): Sophisticated with an air of edginess- simply stunning and suits your slim frame. Favourite of the 5!

2. Orlaith Kent: New York City Bold

Mizzmoi says: I love the idea of leather and fur in one combo! The white watch adds the perfect touch to this outfit. Girls, remember attention to detail is key!

Kamilė says: Fake fur are a must this winter! They keep you warm on a chilly Winter day and gives your outfit that extra stylishness.

Sasi says: Fake fur over real fur any day; I'd love to get the coat in black- très chic! A beautiful smile always goes along way, might I add!

3. Guoda Remeikaitė: Let It Burn

Mizzmoi says: This reminds me of the good old days that we categorise as summer! I like the fact that the top is black and the shorts are yellow- most people would do it the other way around which would be mundane!

Kamilė says: Simple but cute; perfect for those hot summer days!

Sasi says: Simple but comfortable, perfect for a day at the beach or just chilling with friends!

4. Orna Doohan: 60s with a Twist

Mizzmoi says: The idea to do sequin and pink at the same time doesn't appeal to my imagination but seeing this in picture made me think wow! I'll definitely be trying this look sometime; perfect for New Year's celebrations!

Kamilė says: Sequined dresses are so chick and feminine! If you're looking for a dress for a Christmas night out I would totally recommend to go for one with sequins - it just screams ''HO HO HO''

5. Elmo Rtadi: Modern Minimalist

Mizzmoi says: First of all the high ponytail and red lipstick turns this outfit from simple to RiRi edgy. Love a pop of colour in the midst of an all black outfit! Check out her blog here guys!

Kamilė says: This outfit is perfect for going out in autumn/winter times when you really don't feel like wearing a dress. Black is always the best choice but if you want to be noticed more don't forget to add something colourful for example- a simple green blouse. And you can never go wrong with a leather jacket.

Sasi says: This look is minimalistic but stylish. Girls, take note this is how you get the balance of casual and elegance.


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