Sunday, 15 December 2013

How To: Look as pretty as Kylie Jenner (Shannon Leathem's Edition)

Hey guys,

So last week was pretty crazy for me as most of you know. I spent a lot of time and effort (ugh) studying for UCD Winter exams, blogging and jumping around my dorm room because I hit 10K on my blog and now I'm about to hit 11K which is pretty spectacular, thank you guys- I wouldn't be blogging if I didn't have any readers! Don't forget about my NAKED palette giveaway! 12K for Christmas anyone?! If I reached that I don't even think I'd care about my Christmas presents as much as doubling my views in 3 weeks. Blogging is kind of my life so during exams I still try to fit in a tiny space for it 'cause I like helping you girls (and guys) out with fashion and beauty!

So today I've got a very special something for you guys, yes, another tutorial by my girl Shannon. I honestly think she's like the next Shaaanxo! And no not because they share the same first name hehe seriously check both of them out, these girls are amazing at what they do! So you want to look like Kylie Jenner? I've got amazing steps and tips for you to get Kylie's beautiful natural daily look.

Hope you guys enjoy this post, and I'd like to once again say thank you to the lovely Shannon for doing the tutorial! We have a project in plan of making a YouTube video where Shannon does my makeup- yes that's what I said- eep, I'm too excited! 

Things I'm currently in love with: naturally blonde hair and Swedish names, don't ask hehe.

Much love from your girl
-Mizzmoi xoxo


Step 1: Apply a matte foundation onto your skin.

Step 2: Conceal spots or problem areas with a concealer.

Step 3: Dust off with a compact powder in order to avoid that gross oily shine.

Step 4: Contour your face with your bronzer; apply it to your cheekbones forehead and neck and add a suited pink blush to your cheeks (don't forget to smile!) very lightly.

Step 5: Apply a nude base onto your eyelids.

Step 6: Apply a neutral eyeliner to your top water line and bottom water line to give you a wide eye look.

Step 7: Read the tutorial on winged liner here and follow the steps.

Step 8: Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler (optional) and add some volume mascara, making sure to do so lightly.

Step 9: Line your lips with a red lipliner and then apply a matte red lipstick using a lip brush if preferred.

So guys if you don't look as pretty as Kylie Jenner after performing those steps, then I simply don't know what to say! Shannon managed to pull it off amazingly well but still kept her individuality which is exactly what you need to do when following celebrity trends.

Mizzmoi's Tips: "Practice makes perfect so even if you're sitting in your house over the Christmas break and are not going anywhere, still whip out your makeup bag and get started on making yourself look even more beautiful! Take pictures and compare them to the last time you tried this look."

Shannon's Tips: 

  • Try not to cake the foundation on to your face, one layer is enough ladies.
  • Take your time with this look, it's simple but can be easily ruined.
  • Red lips look classy but if you can't maintain it properly on a night out, don't wear it!
  • You don't need to purchase expensive makeup to get Kylie's look- drugstore makeup is just fine.
  • Red Lipstick should not be worn with a dramatic eye, it's either one or the other; don't be indecisive!


  • RiRi Woo Lipstick- MAC
  • MUA Red Lipliner- SuperDrug
  • MUA bronzer- SuperDrug
  • MUA compact bronzer- SuperDrug
  • Cattrice mascara- Pennys
  • Cattrice eyeliner- Pennys
  • Maybelline fit foundation no.125- Boots

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