Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Steal Her Style: Beyoncé

Hey guys,

I was so tired yesterday and just could not bring myself to write up something for you guys knowing that it'd be absolutely rubbish and incomprehensible- what kind of fashion advisor would I be then?! You said it- a fairly fucking shit one. I have something to tell you guys and I know I wasn't going to say it before because I didn't want to sound like a winy bitch but recently, I've been seeing all these blogs popping up. To be fairly honest, I got jealous because I thought, that's it for me- *say goodbye to your dreams because they're more popular than you.* Then I realised how stupid and moronic I was being and said to myself, people can do their own thing while you still do yours. It's not a competition. Blogging shouldn't be about trying to be better than the next person, it's about trying to write a better blog post than my last. So there you go guys a little insight into the miserable side of my mind ha!

Swiftly moving forward, I have exciting news for you (or for me?!) I'm going to Beyoncé with my gorgeous sister as one of my Christmas presents- eep!
So I've decided to do a steal her style for you guys on the gorgeous Mrs Carter- I know you girlies are super excited about this, don't lie to me ;) I love absolutely every item I specifically picked for these looks and of course I was careful, it is Queen Bey we're dealing with after all!

Things I'm currently in love with: French accents and the french language <3 font="">

-Mizzmoi X



  1. love the first look the most - those leather pants are awesome with red heels!

    Check out my new blog! :)
    AL xx