Wednesday, 12 November 2014

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Yes,  I'm back with my weekly rambles, although I was this close to not writing this article at all. Why? Stress. Stress. Stress. I didn't truly know what stress meant until second year of uni hit me like a ton of bricks. It feels like being thrown into the deep end of a very lengthy ocean that contains sharks and resides in the middle of nowhere. The administrators of my course are simply sniffing out the weaklings and if you can't swim? You better hope a lifeguard is coming to save your ass or you'll face the trauma of your own demise. I think you get the point now. University does not exactly leave me with any spare time to blog. Annnnnd I cannot believe I've just spoken about myself for the last 7.5 lines without once asking how you're doing- how lower class of me. I sincerely do hope your week started off much better than mine, life is too short to spend all of your time on your obligations and little time on your hobbies. Speaking of, that seems to be today's topic of conversation. 
You know what? This is refreshing, being able to come on here and talk to you about my wonders and woes, little life lessons I've picked up weekly, blunt fashion advice and a little bit of bitching is  always the cherry on top; it's like a little cocktail date... sans the cocktails. Let's get back to it shall we?
What kind of life do you want to live? Better yet, what kind of life are you going to live? I read this really interesting article on Elite Daily yesterday; It was about a banker who felt like he had wasted his entire life because he had accepted the opportunities he was given, not the opportunities he had wanted. Is there a bigger mistake you could make? Asides from murder, I don't think there is one. 
There is a huge difference between being satisfied and being happy. Many people are satisfied in the short term but are we ever truly happy? That's a debate for another day but the main point of this article is about not settling for what life hands to you just because it is easier. Although I do understand that so many factors come into play when trying to attain something you want. Is it feasible? Do you have the time? What will your friends and family say? Does it reside outside of your comfort zone and more importantly are you willing to go to great lengths to get it? Questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis but the last one is the hardest to answer. Now that I've given you a bit of background knowledge and a clearer perspective, I'm going to tell you what I think and bare in mind that what I think is my opinion, thus It is neither right nor wrong. 
"I work harder than you. I hate to lose more than you. I will do everything in business to kick your ass and that will never change."
I don't settle. Ever. If I want something, I'm going to get it, even though It is at the expense of something else. Although fear tends to overwhelm me and has sometimes won, I do everything in my power to toughen up and do what needs to be done in order to get what I want. Take this blog as a usual example, I want to build a career out of it- I can already sense the alarm bells going off in your head- and I want to excel in the field of fashion and blogging. I am not afraid of failure, which I'm sure answers your next question. However, do I ever have the lurking feeling in the back of my head that tells me to just stick to college, get a degree and get a well paid corporate job? Always. Do I let that feeling take over? Not a chance. Why do I think I'm going to be successful in turning my passion, my hobby into a career as opposed to a traditional career? How and why am I the exception? Because I am willing to work smarter (not harder), better and faster than anybody else. I am willing to give up sleep, a decent social life, time, money and a pessimistic attitude to get what I want. That is my mentality. I can't stop and I simply won't stop. So do I believe you should ever settle for anything less than what you want? Heck no, you go out there and you sprint faster than any other person in your field and when you feel that burning, heaving heartache in the pit of your stomach, when you feel like you're going to suffocate, that's when you'll know you're at the finish line. 

Trends & outfit details: That's why I think my style has developed in the way It has. Preppy chic with a hint of spontaneity, exactly like my personality. I like keeping my shit together but I also indulge in impulsive decision making. Plaid, check, glitter (the champagne coloured jumper) and burgundy all in one outfit. Out of all of the outfits I've uploaded this fall, this one is a close favourite. The colours compliment each other so well and finally incorporating a plaid blazer from my very large collection was just eep! The material  and texture of this Dunnes Stores blazer is just bliss. It is the ultimate definition of sophistication. My favourite thing about Dunnes Stores is that the quality of their blazers is unbeatable. I've bought blazers from all sorts of fast fashion stores like River Island, New Look and Primark but none of them come even close. Although blazers in Dunnes Stores would be just as expensive as other stores, they are definitely my fav. I'm also wearing a check shirt underneath of my champagne coloured jumper and burgundy leggings. Leggings? Totally lazy of me, I agree but sometimes it is possible to incorporate comfort into fashion (HA!). The jumper is actually way too big for me and I wouldn't normally wear it with layers but I just could not resist this colour combination. I see a lot of people in my college, attempting to pull off casual sophistication but very few people get it right. The key to looking (and feeling) put together is layering professional pieces onto casual items. In order to do this, you will need well cut coats, blazers, simple tank tops or button downs, well fitted high waisted black jeans and casual non see-through leggings. If this is the style you want to embody, I want you to give this a try and get back to me. Remember, fashion isn't supposed to be complicated, explore and have fun with it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this rather lengthy post; I promise not to talk so much in the next one. (HAHA, right!)

Keeping it interesting
-Ayisha x 

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