Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lookbook | Best of 2014

I could sit here and write about how horrible last week was for me or how much I hate focusing so much attention on things that shouldn't matter but I won't. Although what I was meant to be doing today and yesterday was studying, I decided to take it easy and just take a breather. After staying up all night, I settled for some YouTube videos and my warmest blanket. I sat by the fire this evening, picked out a book from my mum's collection and played 'Baby It's cold outside' on low key. For anybody who knows me well, I am a year round grinch. I'm not easily excited or easily amused but when it comes to Christmas, It's like the ice queen finally melts. I smile more, I talk more and as cringe as this sounds, I live more. So when I found myself in this horrible mood at the start of the weekend, listening to Christmas songs was the perfect anecdote. 

The Secret. That was the book I was reading, by Rhonda Byrnes. It's a book about positivity and how to bring positive energy into your life.

Although I have seen the documentary version of this book, there's nothing more like reading it for me. I tend to ingest things better when I read, I learn and I grow from the thoughts someone else has decided to make public. Anyway, as I've mentioned and as the book insinuates I'm definitely harvesting way too much negative energy for reasons I cannot even begin to go into so I've decided to write a post about all of the things I'm grateful for in 2014. 
Even if you don't own a blog, I really would like to recommend that you make one of these lists and keep adding to it overtime, we take far too much for granted in this world. Anything that makes or has made you smile- people, holidays, old photos, a funny quote that bettered your mood- jut it down and relive the memory in the hopes of making more. So here's the best of my 2014, in no particular order: 

  1. Shortlisted for Ireland's best fashion blog.
  2. Doubled in traffic and social media (thanks to you).
  3. Robert Cavalli liked more than 4 of my pictures on Instagram consistently. (I am an extremely happy girl).
  4. Filming with my best friend every weekend. It is honestly the most fun.
  5. Making some (pretty) cool college friends. 
  6. Visiting Amsterdam and Prague this summer. That was on complete impulse. Live a little.
  7. Being offered a place at University of British Columbia as an exchange student. 
  8. Constant compliments on my blog. Comments on here, in person, on Instagram, messages on FB, thank you all.
  9. International readership: people from England, America, Germany and more read my blog. Like what? I am so grateful.
  10. Getting invited to my first few press launches. Wow, I can officially call myself a fashion blogger.
  11. Sponsorship and collaboration offers from different companies. 
  12. Constantly being asked to contribute to several other fashion websites. I wish I had the time :(
  13. Doing well in my stage 1 exams. Despite all of the partying we had done. Lucky freaking escape.
  14. Having my whole family support what I do, especially my mother. I could not fund all of these clothes without her. 
  15. Taylor Swift's- 'Shake it off' has given me the confidence to ignore hateful people, even when all I want to do is lash back. 
  16. I lost close to 10kg. Half of it without even realising. That happened when my obsession with chocolate finally ended.
  17. 90% of my town now know who I am, thanks to this blog.
  18. I am no longer scared of going after what I want. 
  19. I see my competitiveness as a positive thing now.
  20. I still listen to Hannah Montana and I am not afraid to admit it.
  21. I volunteered at this year's Web Summit in Ireland.
  22. I was approached to pitch for a company for 4 solid hours. 
  23. I have learned to accept my somewhat cold personality. 
  24. When it comes to personal style, I know exactly what I'm doing.
  25. I've aced every single exam I've had this semester. I hope that lucky streak continues for the main exams.
  26. I see things in a very different light as opposed to the average person and I've used that to my advantage this year.
  27. I have learned that not everybody wants to be your friend. Popularity isn't everything.

Primark: Plaid coat // Half velvet/half leather leggings // necklace
Dunnes Stores: White button down shirt
New Look: Cut out ankle wedges
YSL: Lipstick, foundation

Trends & Outfit details: So I could have just done what the average style blogger would do and describe my outfit to you, which you can obviously see for yourself. I could have explained to you why you should wear plaid with leather. I could have tried to convince you that this Primark coat is the next best thing but no, I'm not going to do that. Why? Because you're going to decide for yourself. In fact you've already decided whether you like the outfit or not, whether you want to incorporate something like it into your wardrobe or not. I'm not going to market it to you because I am not a sell out. I'll put together pieces I like because I like them, not because everyone else is or because anyone is telling me to. Too many 'fashion' bloggers these days recommend crappy clothing and beauty products to you just because they're going to get paid for doing so. If you see something on my blog, then yes- It obviously means I adore it, I don't invest in things I don't love. What you're on my blog to do, is to pinpoint who you are, develop your personal style and find inspiration in mine. If you like it, buy it but at the end of the day, you're going to dress however the hell you want to dress and that's how it should always be. 

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