Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Cosy frocks & Starbucks stops

Trends & Outfit details: This H&M turtle neck sweater dress is the warmest single piece of clothing I own. I'm making a winter staples list for you guys and this is one of the very important pieces on it. I dread the feeling of being limited to all things 'trousers and jeans' just because it's winter time. If It's not snowing, you can definitely get away with a dress like this with some over the knee socks/tights or long boots during early Winter. Of course due to the season we're in, I would recommend layering a sweater dress like this with a heavy coat for some extra warmth. I paired this camel dress with a black coat and I absolutely love the contrast. I know a lot of people are into minimal wear right now and would opt for a matching camel coloured coat, which would look just as nice but for me, black is the colour of this season,  so why not exploit it? My lipstick is Yves Saint Laurent, courtesy of my darling sister- I'm so in love with the colour eep! It is simply a fabulous pick for A/W. Anyway out of all of the outfits I've filmed this season, this has been the cosiest and warmest but if you doubt that this outfit will keep you warm enough, then a large cup of coffee will. 

Photo credKamile Kvaukaite


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  1. Such great scenery, not yo mention that you outfit is amazing.