Saturday, 19 September 2015

DIAMANTS au chocolat @ NYFW

Setting the Scene

Fashion week is the silent catfight nobody ever tells you about. Everybody's fighting for attention. Everyone's hungry for success. Everyone is stuck in their own world of aesthetic beauty, impeccable style and social eloquence. If you think you are going to be the best dressed princess at the ball, think again...because there will always be someone who has worked harder on their outfits than you, spent more time curating outstanding ideas, and developed a better interpretation of the following year's trends. 

As strangers take their seats next to other strangers, there is a feeling of importance in the air.   Businessmen and women, buyers, designers and digital influencers surround the area. A-List celebrities flood the city. iPhones are at the ready, legs are crossed elegantly, and as the sound of chatter turns into the sound of music, expressions go from engaging smiles to poker faces. Yes, fashion shows are serious business. 

Crème de la crème

In total I attended 12 #NYFW shows. My favourites included Malan Breton who accurately represented the poise of les filles et les garçons of the Upper East Side, with a Taiwanese twist.

ESOSA - urban, modern, and daringly artistic - represented the heirs of the Empire Tv show. You will find Taraji P. Henson (Cookie) in a lot of his clothing on and off the show. 

Daniel Silverstain, I like to refer to as the future of fashion because his collections are simply ahead of the curve. 

Crisbery's inventiveness is everything I need to see on the 'IT' girl of 2016. Her collection resonates so well with Diamants au chocolat's brand: a sophisticated uptown girl. 

Getting real

You can wish anything you want into existence. Remember my mood post DAC @ PFW? That was fiction and now fiction has become close reality. 

How did I feel? Irrelevant. I laugh as I type those words because It is the truest thing I've ever written. Who am I in a crowd of well accomplished strangers? For the first time in my life, I lost my words and ability to speak confidently and cheerfully. I was overwhelmed and in shock that I was in a sea of some of the most influential people in the industry. And I was There was a moment during that week that I decided to take out my anchor and fight for survival. I knew I wanted to be a part of this world, I've known it since I was a little kid. The creative industry is the only place where I can thoroughly express myself while someday making a profit from it. But to make it big in this world, I knew right then and there that I needed to step my game up. I simply wasn't doing enough. I was not pushing hard enough. I was all talk...and no action. Since my trip to New York, I have challenged myself. I've put myself up to the test and everyday I ask the questions: 'Can I actually do this? Do I have the physical, mental and especially emotional strength to stay in the game long enough to win?'
Everyday, I use my actions to push those thoughts out of my head. Everyday, I decide to fight back. 

PS: Diamants au chocolat has been shortlisted for Ireland's best fashion blog of 2015, sponsored by Boohoo. Everything is now down to the public so it would mean the world if you took a minute to vote for us HERE. Thank you loves, always appreciated. <3 


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