Friday, 18 September 2015

Mood | Destiny's Children

Martha (left) Agnes (right)

*This is a work of fiction purely designed for your entertainment only. An expansion of the 'Mood' section where I dab into creative writing. I've decided to start experimenting a little more. :)

Martha Gold was a woman of poisonous substance. Possessing a magic touch of love that allowed her to shower the people of the universe with food for their egos. She walked with the type of elegance that could disarm the rationality of any human. For a living? She attended charity galas, donated to the weak and undesirable but most lucratively, lined her pockets with the extravagant gifts of billionaire bachelors. No, life for her was not a love story. Love to Martha was a fool's game and if one played well, money and power would always be limitless. Her long life dream was to become Queen in a world that only accepted Kings. She needed humanity because she needed something to rule. She knew that one day the world would be hers to conquer. Her arrogance was always so sure of it.

Agnes Gold was furious with humanity and their easily influenced ways of life. A herd of sheep led willing into dangerous territory. They surrender their beliefs, thoughts and emotions to the world of superficial aristocracy. So Agnes worked day and night to manifest a plan that would destroy what is wrong in the world. However, the hatred embedded in her veins seeps through her actions. Her passion, often confused for a bad temper. Agnes Gold always toyed with fire... but wasn't she aware of what would burn down if she continued to play this game? The good, the bad and even herself. The cost of saving humanity, a hefty price to pay. Although her heart was pure, her actions led her down the wrong pathway.

Eerie. A thunderstorm derailed the city of Cornell that evening. Merciless rain poured from the sky, engulfing the city in a meander of water and unrooting palm trees from the moist soil. The damp air brought a feeling of desolation onto the ghost town. Was something sinister about to take place? 

The click clack of heels, the shaking of jewellery, the tick of time; Agnes suspected that her twin sister had finally arrived as the noises that disrupted her peace drew closer. Martha sashayed into the parlour of a grand building with uncanny confidence. Without greetings, she walked straight over to the glass cupboard that contained the ancient China, took one dainty cup out and proceeded to open a bottle of Ciroc. 
'Care to join me Agnes?' she said to her sister as she crossed one leg over the other.
Agnes did not bother to look up from her newspaper. 'What do you want sister?'
'What do you mean? What do I want?  Can't a loving sister come visit family every once in a blue?' Martha smiled.
Agnes looked up. Perking her glasses on the marble table. 'You can't sweet talk your way into getting everything you want, darling sister.' Agnes spoke quietly, disdain dripping from her tone.
'Why don't you try it some time Agnes. It works a charm.' Martha drawled venomously.

Martha and Agnes stared into each other's eyes, fully aware of the lingering darkness present in the eyes of the other. So different but yet exactly the same. A darkness that will only lead to the destruction of both, fore they thrive on irrationality. They thrive on the hopes that one day they will complete their own maleficent agendas. 

What will happen when one sister wants to be Queen of a Kingdom that her own blood will do everything to destroy?

Outfit details:

Coat // Turtle neck // Heels - Dunnes Stores Savida
Skirt - Missguided


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