Wednesday, 18 February 2015

#SocietyGirl | Kanye West x NYFW

I am seriously completely and utterly in love with Kanye West. I don't care about all of the times he called out celebrities, the crazy songs he sings or his arrogant attitude because let's face it, that is all a persona meant for our personal entertainment. 

I woke up this morning feeling so confident, which is a new thing for me. I'm not afraid to say that I am, at times controlled by society. What is right and what is wrong is often a reflection of the thoughts of the media. And it's hard to say that their words don't entice me. 

I used to go to sleep at night with the last thing on my mind being some insecurities. I am often paranoid when I leave the house and when the constant images of thigh gaps and midriffs on my tumblr dashboard continue to taint my perspective, I can't help but bury myself in self doubt. 

Early last week, Kanye helped me with one of my biggest problems. He lifted the bouldering weight of pressure from my shoulders and literally whispered to me 'you can breathe now'. And when I finally exhaled, I felt like the brick world that I created had come tumbling down right in front of me. I could finally see the sun rise and fall again.

Pretty hurts. 
In the fashion world,  there is a preconceived idea of beauty. You must have a specific bone structure, asymmetrical features and most importantly you must be thin. In Kanye's show at NYFW I didn't see any collar bones, thigh gaps or even frail body frames. Guns ready, people are ready to shoot down his concept of creativity whilst missing the big point. The models looked beyond healthy and some of them even had curves. I am aware it is not only Kanye that is trying to widen society's image of beauty but he put these unconventionally beautiful people on the runway at NYFW. I know it doesn't take an idiot to know how big of a deal that is. 

Some will say that the fashion world are only following trends but sometimes trends stick. I feel stronger because of what society is now choosing to stand up for; feminism, body image and beauty on the inside. 

I believe life should be more about actions and less about results. It's not about how you look but what you're doing to help yourself and society. I no longer reblog photos of girls just because they are thin or 'beautiful'. Eating healthy foods and working out is not about losing weight for me anymore but about what I feel inside. The way I dress has everything to do with how I feel and less to do about if people will like the outfit.  Ah that's what I thought too, my confidence is growing. Eyes closed, I can feel my body elevating into the kingdom of self peace. 

And this time I'm going to take the crown without falling down. 



  1. Absolutely love the song Kanye presented at this show. So amazing!

    Love, L

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  3. I still can't stand him although I do love his creative mind and a lot of the things he does. I saw his collection and I liked it a lot.

    xo naomi