Monday, 16 February 2015


It's not as sunny today in Vancouver. The sky is back to being grey and dull but the pleasant view of the mountains on the other side of the beach sends me into the horizons of dreamland. You know, that place you let your subconscious float to before you realise that you must get out of bed to eliminate things off of that dreadful to do list.
Coming from a family that has always appreciated luxury, it is no wonder I find myself dreaming of extravagant parties and trips to the exotic land of Dubai most often. Unfortunately that cannot be redeemed in reality without an immense amount of hard work.
5AM.  Lying in bed begging the sun to stay down for another hour so I could enjoy the bliss of extra sleep, my alarm goes off awakening anyone in a 3km radius. I curse at the damn thing and roll out of bed anyway. The pile of work sitting on the chair in the corner is not going to accomplish itself. I slept in my swimsuit so the laziness of not completing my morning workout wouldn't come knocking on my door. I don't know how I managed to move my legs all of the way downstairs but I find myself on the ground floor staring at the high glass ceiling of the hotel swimming pool. The cold water electrifies my skin and suddenly I am more awake than ever. 
7AM. I meet KamilÄ— in her room, ready to organise the back to back meetings we must attend from 10-3pm and the evening events we have RSVP'ed to for later that night. We pack up our laptops, chargers, diaries, and pens and head back to my room to start the day with a refreshing kale smoothie and strawberries on the side. Just as I sit on the couch to begin responding to emails, my phone rings. Crossing one Balenciaga heel over the other, I pick up the phone. 
What's that? Oh, that's work calling.  
All of my dreams are in one suitcase and that is all I need to conquer the world. 

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