Sunday, 15 February 2015

VALENTINO, not a Valentine.

Photo credit:Kamile Kvaukaite

The sun is beaming through my window right now and for the first time in a long time I feel alive. I feel refreshed and I feel like I can do anything. Since coming to Canada I've been working on self acceptance and let me just tell you, so far so good. The sky is beaming and music is pumping from my laptop, probably waking up the rest of my roommates but oh well. I look outside and all I see is blue. The sky is so blue and perfect. The trees are so rich and mighty. The buildings in all of their solid strength seem unshakeable and like the objects around me, I am fulfilled.

I have a confession to make and I'm not sure if you're going to be very happy about it but here's the thing, I don't care. And that is the most liberating thing to say when you actually mean it. You see, I've been lying to you this whole time- I am not who I say I am. And who am I? That's a secret I'll never It is a secret I'm going to tell. In fact, I'm going to declare it in my room, at the beach, in the streets with how I dress, how I walk, how I smile. The only question left is are you ready to hear it?

I have a twin. This girl I speak of, she looks exactly like me. She shares all of my physical attributes but her soul is not the same. She likes the simpler things in life and her thoughts cannot always be put into words because they are as complex as the math equation you never understood in school. She believes in equality for all and rainbows at the end of the tunnel. She believes in the end of corruption and pretty sunsets at the beach. She believes in screaming waterfalls and outrageous oceans that can take you anywhere you want. Worrying is something she banishes because she doesn't believe in torturing the heart with issues that might possibly never occur. When she looks at you, she doesn't see your ethical conditionings or your views on religion, instead she chooses to see the things you smile about, the things that make your blood rush and your heart soar; and at all times you find yourself around her, she demands that you have crazy, indispensable, uncontrollable amounts of fun. She doesn't believe in rules and quite mischievously she seduces danger. 

Then there's me. Critical about everything that has the ability to talk. The girl who doesn't have to look hard to find the mistakes in anything. The girl who cares more about designer bags than the lives of the people physically producing them. I like fast cars and glass buildings. Perfumes with diamonds floating at the pit of the crystal clear bottle. I'd rather sit around and discuss Wang's S/S 15' collection than world hunger. I take pleasure in knowing that I will build a career in something as superficial as fashion and that for me is all the more liberating because it is what I enjoy. If you know me at all, you'll know that I tend to- perhaps in a selfish manner- take what I enjoy very seriously. 
Here's the thing with twins, you can't give birth to one and leave the other to rust. You love them equally and most importantly you cannot have one without the other. And that indeed, is the beauty in all of it. 

Trends & outfit details: It's red then it's black and now it's red again. What is it about the colour red that tends to attract a lot of attention anyway? After all it is the goring colour of blood and that grosses me the hell out. But while admiring this crop top, I see all of the things red represents. Absolute seduction and passion in abundance. Red makes me look confident and breeds an air of nonchalance. It screams 'she must be the CEO of her own life'. It bellows 'intimidating' but in the most subtle way. That's why I like it. Again, this is one of my more casual outfits on this blog and it is a look I would wear to a relaxed dinner with ma famille. Oh how I miss those aimless nights we spent making fun of each other with Mum and Dad casually judging everyone around us and my siblings of course, snapping photos for Instagram. Leaving the (probably Chinese) restaurant looking like the glam squad, my Dad would slip his red handkerchief back into his front pocket, flip the car keys and off we went back into the night, the indestructible power family.  Red eh? It always has quite the effect. 



  1. You are so beautiful! Kisses

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  2. Love those pics <3