Saturday, 27 December 2014

ta fête

Have you ever thrown your own party? If you have then you know what it entails. You pick the theme, the décor, the music, food and most importantly you choose who gets invited. Now tell me, what do you do when an ignorant guest tries to ruin your party? You ask them to leave. What do you do when you don't like the song that is playing? You change it. What about when you feel uncomfortable in the outfit your mother picked for your party? You slip into something you want to wear. Why? Because It is your freaking party and you can do whatever you like. 

At least that's how I try to live my life now and how I will continue to live it in 2015. How can anybody be so self-centred? You know what, not enough people are selfish with their life decisions. Everything should be your choice, everything. This is why I admire stars like the newly reformed Miley, Beyoncé and Rihanna. After many years, they seem to have developed this ability to live how they want to live. The opinions of others are invalid. Unfortunately this mindset is something you acquire over the tortuous years of being a people pleaser and living by society's standards. I picked up this habit at the start of 2014 when I decided I wanted to rock braids instead of waves of Rapunzel's hair, I spammed people on all social media with my blog posts, I danced in the study areas of Quinn (defn: "an overly posh area of predominantly white 20 somethings who only drink Starbucks coffee"), hell I'm currently rocking a black eye in public and don't feel any need to cover it up. I keep my circle small as a result of a sudden epiphany that came to me last fall and stevie wandering friend requests is my new thing. 
I have never felt better and less confused. I'm not saying It's an easy process, I'm just saying It is worthy of your immediate attention. I've probably made myself seem like a right meanie now but the truth is I'm still the same person I've always been. I enjoy eating ice-cream in hot weather, dancing in heels that will probably give me blisters, singing out loud with complete strangers, meeting new people and wishing to know about the beautiful stories that make them who they are. I like people who won't mind dancing in the rain with me, who want to stand on top of a high rise building and scream...or dance. I like people who don't care at all. 
You see, I think to be truly happy means to be truly selfish. Build a life you will love with the right people, the right theme and the right music. After all, It is your party. 

"My Mum used to say to me 'you can't have fun all the time' and I used to say 'Why not? Why the fuck can't I have fun all the time?'"- Kate Moss

Trends & outfit details: Tu sors trop, du moins c'est ce qu'ils disent. You go out too much, at least that's what they say. I remember when my mum used to tell me that I go out too much and in my head I'd say, 'if you looked this good, you would too'. Oh how I love dressing up to go to parties and clubs. Mixing my two passions of fashion and partying is always a good idea. But I have never been so daring before in my entire life. A red lace turtle neck, peplum skirt and royal blue coat? Some might say risqué but I say Milan. An outfit fit for royalty. I know a lot of you may be too scared to attempt to pull off an outfit as daring as this but darling if you don't try, how on earth will you know? 
My elder sister told me I looked like a Christmas tree (true story) and my mother told me I was extraordinary. You can't win them all and as for a style so bold, you're going to have to believe that you are the best dressed person in the room to be able to pull it off. People tend to forget that fashion has a lot to do with confidence and if you believe you're Beyoncé in the moment, then you are Beyoncé and nobody will tell you differently. 
Now of course, you can't imagine my disappointment when I realised the photos wouldn't do this outfit justice. For one, I felt like I knew who I wanted to be in the world. There's something about clothes that can really empower you, isn't there?  

Photo cred: Kamile Kvaukaite


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  1. I love this outfit! Bright colors looks very good on you.