Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Photo cred: Kamile Kvaukaite

It's Christmas Eve. Wow. The rate at which the years fly by is beyond me, so much so that it doesn't even feel like Christmas at all. This year's Autumn/Winter has genuinely been my busiest between balancing the art of blogging with maintaining high grades in college. You can pretty much say sleep was no longer a thing I had time for, nor was admiring beautiful Christmas decorations in the midst of Dublin. However, I can pretty much say that I've recovered now as all I have done in the last week is eat and sleep. I know this might sound strangely pathetic but I'm already so excited for Christmas to be over so I can stop eating chocolate for breakfast and sleeping for far too many hours a night. Can someone kill me now? That is literally the oddest thing I have ever said.

GRINCH. I promise you, I am not. Christmas is the most important part of the year for me. I cherish the 48 hours I get to spend with my family as a whole, especially since we don't get to see much of each other anymore. I think this Christmas is more special to me because I am leaving for Vancouver next Thursday and my elder sister will be leaving for England the following day. As It's very rare to get us all as a whole in the one room, Christmas always means all that much more. It's too bad I was blessed with a black eye on Monday night (where is that 'laughing emoji' when you need it?), tomorrow would have been a selfie-filled day. 

Trends & outfit details: CAKE. That is all I think about when I look at this jacket. A delicious, rich and enticing piece of luxury. I love how the colours melt into each other like the double cream and white chocolate in a cheesecake. I wouldn't normally compare food to clothes because we all know who's really going to win in that battle. BUT that is just how I feel about this Savida coat. It is so exquisitely fabulous in every single way. When I first slipped it on during this shoot, I felt like African royalty. I appreciate how the top ties in so well with the coat. If I walked into a conference wearing this outfit, people who didn't know any better would assume that I must be something of great importance. What I love most about this outfit is the intrinsic silver and black skirt. If you knew me personally, you'd understand how much of a prep I am. I simply cannot do without preppy clothing: loafers, shirts, blazers (22 and counting) and lots of plaid. It often saddens me to think that a lot of people assume preppy is boring. I think I have a knack of making it look more interesting. I don't stick to plain colours or minimalism. I delve into patterns, textures, and print. I quite like the idea of my style resembling my personality; proper but with a lot of craziness.  So there you have it, preppy might be classy, sophisticated and graceful but It is not boring. To me, It's evolutionary. 


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  1. I love this look! What photo editor do you use to edit your pictures before you post them?