Monday, 1 December 2014

Lookbook | Hello December

Hey darlings, 
How are we doing today? Can I start off this blog post by just gushing for a few seconds?! Like WOW. The response I received from my latest post on Diamants has been overwhelming. There are a  million things I could do or should be doing right now but on the top of that list is gratitude. I am so freaking grateful for your never ending support, encouragement and just over all friendliness. I receive the cutest messages on social media from some of you and they really do brighten up my day. They remind me that all I am giving up, all that I've given up for this blog will be worth it one day. However, there is no showing appreciation without giving thanks to my mother who funds all of my projects- there simply would not be a Diamants au chocolat without her. There wouldn't even be an Ayisha Ogbara ;) Haha! There would also be no Diamants without my best friend Kamile who takes all of my photos- isn't she freaking amazing? I feel like a lot of bloggers don't give enough thanks to the people who help them make their blogs what they are today. Some of you are naive to believe that It is a 'one man job' when in reality it is beyond that. But you know what? I feel like It's been a while since I told you a story and seeing as I'm in the writing mood tonight, why the hell not? 

7.45am. It all started on Saturday when we were shooting next week's projects for Diamants. I woke up very early only to realise that I had once again fallen asleep on the couch in the sitting room. My bones felt like they were ready to snap at any given moment, my eyes felt heavy and my head was spinning. What little sleep and a busy week of college does to you eh? I forced myself to get up because I knew I had a full day of shooting to prepare for. I quickly came up with some outfits, washed my hair and rushed downstairs so my sister could style it. Scared that I would miss the bus to Dublin, I ran to the bus stop with two very heavy bags and thankfully made it. I was suddenly feeling lucky until the dull, grey weather decided to shatter my hopes. From manoeuvring past thousands of 'sales-hungry' people to changing and applying makeup very quickly in the bathrooms in UCD, I rushed out to meet Kamile in 4 inch heels, trying to keep faith in the success of the day. Anyway fast forward a few photos with an audience of teen kids, I decided the lighting wasn't doing me any justice. So I decided to wait until It was dark before heading into the city, only to realise then, that light rain had started to descend from the sky. 
My heart fell from my rib cage to my knees. At least that's how it felt anyway. My eyes began to water as I realised how much time I had wasted. With final exams in a couple of days, I could have been studying. In that 30 second time frame, all thoughts had travelled through my mind- from wanting to give up this whole dream I had built up in my head to what the hell are you doing Ayisha? Suck it up and get on with it. You don't have a spare mili-second to feel sorry for yourself. After some comforting words from my inner conscious and best friend, we began the photoshoot and boy was it the best one yet! I saw the first few pictures and my heart soared. I jumped up and down like a seal in the middle of Dawson street. That adrenaline rush was back. My big goofy smile was back (not that I ever smile, on the contrary) and as black as the clouds may have been that night, my whole being beamed like the golden christmas lights on Grafton Street and that's when I knew the universe had my back. 

Moral of the story? No matter how much agony you feel right now, whilst chasing your dreams- remember that no dream is bigger than you. If you're willing to work for it, then push until your knees wobble and fall to the ground, after that push a little harder because only then will that door open, only then will you know the meaning of passion and hard work when they become intertwined. 

Trends & Outfit details: I knew it! A lot of you will love this look for one reason only. Minimalism. Who doesn't enjoy a little simplicity every so often? I, myself have never been simple; in terms of personality and style. What can I say? I like extravagant things. But can't simple be extravagant too? Absolutely. There are two types of people; those who think simple is jeans and a top and those who know It's a lot more than that. Cream. Creme. Creme de la creme. I freaking love the contrast in this outfit. Yellow and cream have never looked better, especially on my skin tone. I think the scarf is probably my favourite addition to this look. There's something about it that screams 'someone important has arrived'. The material is as soft as the blanket I'm all cuddled up in right now. The plaid skirt is from my beloved Dunnes Stores, as is the cropped top. I'm still not getting why more of you aren't shopping in Dunnes yet. To be frank, you'd be stupid not to. What do you think of this look? Tell me, do you feel elements of luxury and sophistication present? Your thoughts are valid too.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this article. I'm sorry (not sorry) for making it so long but what is an outfit without the full story of the person wearing it? 

-Ayisha x 

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  1. Such a gorgeous outfit <3