Friday, 19 December 2014

Not a fairytale

Photo Cred: Kamile Kvaukaite

So where do broken hearts go? A question I struggled to find an answer to as I obsessively listened to One direction's judge me new song. We can all sit here and pretend that our hearts have never been broken in one way or the other but that would be lying. We kinda sorta live in a world where heart breaking things happen to genuine people but because I'm usually too busy thinking about myself and my life woes, I forget about those that could be suffering around me. I forget about those struggling to retain barely 1/3 of the things I may already have. So right now I'm having a completely selfless moment when I ask where do broken hearts go?

I don't know what it is about Christmas that seems to bring out the humanity in me and people in general. Around this time more than any other, I tend to think about homeless people, starving kids, alcoholics and those who have just had unfortunate luck. People whose hearts are truly broken, ordinary beings who society condemns to the back of the line of all important things. Then I think about people like me and you, who do not find ourselves in horrible economic circumstances but find ourselves in broken friendships, family drama, failed goals and insecurities. Again, I ask myself where do broken hearts go? Broken hearts are dissolved in the tears that land on our pillows at night, into the bitter bottle of alcohol we drown ourselves in, in the trails we leave behind as we walk long distances looking for something other than pity. It pains me to know that society refuses to address the fact that everybody hurts. Perhaps we are too selfish to acknowledge the pain of others and believe we are the only ones with broken hearts, thus missing the key to fixing a broken heart, and hence failing to realise that by simply recognising that you're not the only one who faces obstacles,  might just be the way to heal. 
So when you observe the people around you, whether he or she is dripping in Versace or drowning in polyester, know that beneath that exterior lies the equivalent of a broken heart. 

Trends & Outfit details: Buying these jeans felt like buying a sleek black Mercedes for me. Imagine how fast my heart was beating when I spotted this eccentric pair in TK Maxx. The last pair standing. I knew it was faith. The splashes of gold and tinges of orange and silver made me doubt my whole existence. It breaks my heart to say this but these jeans are 100% too cool for me. When I showed my mother these photos, she proclaimed that this was an outfit Rihanna would wear. I just sat there and laughed and laughed and laughed. Good 'ol mum. However, I did want to be more daring with these jeans, hence why I paired them with a leather crop top. To tone it down, I added a soft textured blazer. I appreciate the fact that the outfit is relatively all black because any more colours would have totally ruined the air of 'luxury meets edgy'. There's nothing super creative about this outfit but if you say to me all black outfits are boring, then you're boring. There's always more to black than black. 

Thoughts on this look? Would you wear it? Let me know :)
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