Thursday, 20 March 2014

Things That Inspire Me

Hey guys,

SO I went to Beyoncé's concert last night and my god, it was quite literally the best night of my life. Some say nothing compares to the high you get from alcohol or drugs but I kid you not, absolutely nothing can beat a Beyoncé concert. Not only is she as flawless as she appears on tv,  her personality is as sweet as irresistable chocolate covered strawberries you can't have due to bikini season.

Anyway this is a personal post about the things that inspire me. I wanted to share this with you guys because I'd like to think you might want to know the things that inspire me to write this blog and to live the best life possible.

I am still super tired from Bey's concert- being in a trance for a whole concert can seriously drain a girl.

Chat later
-Mizzmoi X

1. Fashion

Some of you might think- what a mundane thing to be inspired by. My god, I know people who have no interest in clothes whatsoever. However the fact is that fashion can allow you to be whoever you want to be. You can give off any type of message you want by the clothes you wear and that's why I love it. Blair Waldorf today, Beyoncé tomorrow; it's that easy. Some of you guys may not believe me when I say this but first impressions are everything and the way you dress can be your golden ticket to whatever you want.

Y'know I heard once that we all judge people in the first 7 seconds of meeting each other and for the most part, our opinion is set. Crazy? Yes. Worth thinking about? Absolutely. Perception is everything.

2. Photography

This is one of the main reasons why I own a blog on tumblr. I remember the days where I would sit for hours upon hours reblogging my dream life, one picture at a time- knowing one day it would be my life. Moreover the things I see on tumblr can sometimes inspire me be a better version of myself. For example: pictures of healthy food makes me want to feed my body with good nutrients. Get a tumblr and I promise you won't regret it.

3. YOU

Yes you, the person reading this blog right now. You inspire me to write content that is worth reading by others and not just kept as my personal fashion diary. I love the fact that you pay attention to my blogposts, give me suggestions on what to write about next and ask me for advice. I love that I can talk to you guys like I would, a friend. I believe I've expressed my share of harsh opinions on some topics on my blog and it's good to see that some of you agree with me. I appreciate that I've never ever gotten 'hate' for writing this blog so here's to you guys who genuinely support what I do. I am inspired by and completely in awe of you.

4. Beyoncé

I guess I'm still starstruck from being in the same room with the start last night. I relive the concert again and again in my head. If Beyoncé doesn't inspire you, no one will. She has worked so hard for everything she has gained in this world. "I want to leave my footprints behind. I want you to know that I was here." That's what she said yesterday. I could only dream to accomplish half of the things she has in just 3 decades. Bey is a living, breathing testament that absolutely anything and everything is possible.


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