Friday, 11 April 2014

Must Read: What every girl needs in her wardrobe this Summer 14'

Hey girlos,
Wow 3 posts in one night? I must be really trying to make it up to you guys for not blogging in a week! *wink*
Summer is closely approaching and I’m here to help you guys pick out your summer items by providing you with a list of some pieces of clothing that are a must have in your closet for Summer 2014.
In order to reduce spending for the next summer, I think every girl should own some of the fashion staples below so we can wear it over and over again, whilst still easily mixing it with other trends. Now I’m not a t-shirt and shorts kind of girl, that stuff is far too blasĂ©. I’m more of a caramel macchiato, champagne over cheap Aldi Wine kind of girl; meaning I don’t just dress for comfort and to avoid expenses, I dress to impress & I want to help those of you who would like to do the same but just don’t know how to go about it.
There are 3 things you’ll need for before and after reading this blogpost: pen and paper, a tab opened on your laptop to look for these fashion pieces and of course, your bank details. Don’t be afraid to splurge when you know these pieces will be vintage, in a modern kind of sense!
-Mizzmoi xo

Your Essentials for this summer- mix and match 
  1.  Crop Tops.
  2. High waisted Shorts.
  3.  A print Kimono.
  4. Sturdy flats. (Tory Burch, a personal recommendation)
  5. Fringed shorts.
  6.  Tank tops in white, navy, yellow, and pink.
  7.  White sandal heels.
  8. Pastel leather and PVC skirts. (Topshop/Missguided)
  9. Skorts in white and light pink.
  10.  Long feather earrings.
  11. Cut out ankle boots. (If you live in a cold country like Ireland.)
  12. Clear nail polish.
  13.  Sheer blouses in white, cream, nude.
  14.  Floral print heels.
  15.  Tan colored heels.
  16.  Tan colored handbag.
  17. Simple plain necklace and bracelets in gold and silver.
  18.  White jeans.
  19.  White denim shirt.
  20.  Midi rings.
  21. Floppy hat (black, white, tan or wine).
  22.  Floral shorts.
  23.  Pastel coloured strapless dresses.
  24. Lace shorts.
  25. Aztec print blazer.

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  1. wooooww amazing post! really helped us on what we are going to wear!!!