Monday, 10 March 2014

Your 2014 Spring Trends

Hey loveys,

Do you know what I just realised? Well not just realised but what I've been dying to put down on paper as an observation. Starting a piece of writing is actually the hardest thing in the world. Quite literally it is. I've just sat here for 4 minutes thinking about how I'm going to start this blogpost about Spring Trends (requested by you btw, thank you) whilst listening to "r u mine" by Arctic Monkeys- don't ask why. For those of you who know me, I'm certainly not a hipster- although I do like to dabble in it- y'know, just to see how the other half live. I'm a ghetto hip hop girl at heart, don't let my classy exterior fool you x.

Anyway on to the main purpose of this blog, Spring Trends for this year. Oh can you hear the birds chirping?


Your girl
-Mizzmoi xo

1. Crop Tops

Gym time ladies- crop tops are here to stay.

2. Sandal heels

This trend shouldn't really surprise you; It's what I call typical.

3. Lace Shorts

Again, typical & easily predictable.

4. White & Sheer Materials

This, I like- very excited about this sheer material trend and of course, white goes so well with my skin tone.

5. Prints

Tribal prints- I'm predicting an all year round trend. Want to know how to mix prints? Ask an elderly African lady.

6. Floral



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  1. I know what it feels like to have writer's block when trying to start an article, haha it's so annoying! :) Great article though, I thoroughly enjoyed it, Can't wait to wear lots of prints and sheer fabrics this season!