Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To: Wear Print (Your Questions Answered)

Hey guys!

So I got a very interesting question on my yesterday (not your typical bullshit believe me) and I really wanted to make it into a blogpost because I thought all of you guys might appreciate my tips on mixing prints. Consequently I am now developing a new series on this blog called "Your questions answered" so if you guys want to send me any questions relating fashion, beauty and lifestyle- I'd be more than happy to help you here or if you'd like to personally message me that's fine too (a few of you already do this and I'm absolutely flattered!)

The reason why I like is because you can ask me things anonymously; I know some of you guys like to do that if you don't know me personally but seriously I don't bite and will answer any questions you ask 'off anon' as well.

Do you guys want me to continue this series on my blog? Comment below and let me know that I'm doing something right- your feedback is always appreciated.

À bientôt
-Mizzmoi X

P.S I'm really considering relocating to France one day,  their language and their people are just- how do you say it? Ils sont incroyable.

Hey, well I'm a disaster when it comes to mixing and matching! I can mix alright yet I always end up looking quite ridiculous, I was wondering if you have any key facts about how to mix and match? Thank you(patriot reader of your blog!)
Hey! Well can I just say I'm glad you asked me, I actually feel so honoured as stupid as that sounds! First of all, what makes you think you look ridiculous? That's the real question here. Just because everyone else dresses mundane doesn't mean you should too. There are no rules to mixing print but if you want some guidelines:
1. Start off with wearing print with something plain to make yourself comfortable with wearing prints. For example a pencil skirt with vertical lines and a plain crop top.
A navy & white polka dot fitted top with a navy leather skirt.
2. Try florals with stripes- I've seen that before and it looks fab.
3. Plaid with stripes will also always look swell. Try tailored plaid pants and a horizontal striped crop top that shows off your shoulders and collar bone. Heck, throw on some classy sandal heels to give the outfit an edge of sophistication.
I actually loved answering this question and might make it into a blog post tonight- thank you so much for asking, if you need anymore help don't hesitate to ask on or off this :)
-Your dedicated blogger x

Disclaimer: None of these photos belong to me.

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